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No deep meaning here folks, just two good adorable buddies taking on the world. One hug at a time. (:

Oh, and there's a little bit of Brandy, for those who like that sort of thing. :D

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Frank Cho has confirmed that Amadeus Cho will be a part of his "Savage Wolverine" title along with Wolverine and Shanna. Looks like Amadeus missed out on being a part of the Young Avengers (damn) and Avengers Arena (phew).

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The preview for issue #2 is out, and the X-men are up against a terrible foe. But not the one drawn in the comic.

ComicBookResources has the preview of Schism #2.

The enemy within.  )
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I've not yet properly thought about the best way to show off 50 Girls 50 #1, so here's just one page to showcase the art and the general theme of the book.

The theme being 'Hot girls in space whose clothes fall off' )
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The not-so-recent-actually teaser for Spider-man: Infested, the prologue to Spider-Island followed on the theme of one of Marvel's favourite cover gimmicks - Sleepy Avengers )
I'm sure that there's been one of these for World War Hulk, but I couldn't find it. If you know of any that I missed out, please post them in the comments.
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So I'm disappoited that I missed out on the last 2 days, but I hope to have something for the rest of the days. So here's my first contribution, my favorite friendship: Ralph and Leslie.

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This is my attempt at a contribution to Gratuitous Butt Shot Week

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I was going to include the one where MA!Storm is saying her posters sell better than Cap's but that's been posted before.

C&P tags:
series: gratuitous butt shot week
char: storm/ororo munroe
char: invisible woman/susan storm
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Following his appearance in Girl comics #1, I want to do an Ares Minipost. He's the best "new" character to come out of Marvel since Civil War and I've really enjoyed the push that he's received under Bendis and Gillen.

There is a line before me that demarcates where you stop being treated as citizens and start being treated as soldiers. It is a line that only I can see and I swear unto all of you -- once you cross it you have declare war. Against your city, against your government...and against me. And make no mistake: I love to fight wars.


And this isn't even touching his appearances in Incredible Herc (Blows from an unseen assailant have felled Wonder Man!) and ("I AM SORRY WONDER MAN I CANNOT HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF RETURNING FIRE!"). I'm giggling just reading that

*I know that it doesn't rhyme

Tags: Creator: Brian Michael Bendis, char: Ares/marvel, creator: Kieron+gillen, Creator: Frank Cho, , char:+ant-man/wasp/hank+pym, title: Girl comics, creator: Trina robbins, creator: Stephanie Buscema, Group: Dark Avengers


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