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This is sort of cheating the theme a bit - the Ventriloquist isn't really my favorite comic-book villain today, but he was the first one I ever developed an obsession with, so I thought it fitting to pay a small tribute to him today.

Here are some pages from old Arnold Wesker's debut story, courtesy of John Wagner and Alan Grant (the two-part storyline was in fact their very first Batman story, which is quite impressive; not many writers create an instantly memorable villain on their first try). Even now, rereading it gives me a surreal sense of vertigo. It's not easy to believe that such a silly-seeming villain had so much violence surrounding him.

Don't ever ask him for a gottle 'a geer. )
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Later this month, I hope to post some sweet Joker-y goodness for the current theme. However, for now, we'll have to make do with the issues I have on hand. Like this one: Batman #471.

Waylon Jones has never really been the top Bat-villain in threat level or popularity, but like just about any other character, there are always a few diamonds in the rough to be found. The one I bring to you today is one that (I believe) served as the inspiration for the BTAS episode "Sideshow"... and is, IMO, far superior to said episode.

A requiem for a killer, behind the cut! )
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So... the Penguin. What a wimp, right? Some writers make him one of the smartest Batman villains to make up for it; others portray him utterly pathetic on all fronts and ride it for every laugh it's worth.

And some writers just say nuts to all of that. Like Alan Grant, circa 1989's Secret Origins Special. A cut above most of Grant's work, if I do say so myself - but that might just be a result of the wonderfully moody art, which I find to be only enhanced by the poor paper/ink quality.

One page from the Bumbershoot Bandit's past, behind the cut! )


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There seems to be quite a bit of Alfred appreciation going on lately, so I submit this gem from Shadow of the Bat Annual #3, straight from the supposedly grim-n-gritty 90s.

(The story itself was kinda forgettable - as were most of Alan Grant's stories after Norm Breyfogle left - but it was nice to see Grant try to accommodate, rather than totally pave over, Ivy's previous Neil Gaiman-penned origin. And the art by Brian Apothorp was pretty nice, too.)
One page behind the cut! )
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Been collecting scans for this for a while, but the reappearance of a certain character in this week's Judge Dredd pushed me to get my act together and finally post.

Brothers of the Blood was the TPB collection that tipped me over the edge from a casual Dredd reader to a major fan. Since a lot of my love for it springs from the way it builds on decades of past continuity, I thought I'd collect some scans from earlier stories for context. Then I figured what the hell, collected the follow-up stories too, and the whole thing snowballed into an epic three part history of Dredd's relationship with his family of clones.

Around 17 pages of scans and a fair bit of waffle lie beneath the cut. (NB: these stories were mostly published in six page instalments, so two pages max from any individual prog.)

Brothers of the Blood: The Background )

In part two: two more clones join the family Dredd, and Vienna returns.
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So I was going to finally start getting Profile posts up for Resurrection Man today (his new series came out last week), but digging through my collection and trying to organize things, I came across a Batman one-shot title I had long seen the cover art for, and always wondered what it read like. Hold on to your hats, dear readers, as we travel back in time and space to 1998 Cardiff, Wales Scotland.

Freeeeeeeeeeedoooooooooom! (has little to do with this tale of revenge) )

Dial-up warning: 22 and 1/3rd pages from 68 pages of Batman: Scottish Connection.
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...There was "Action Comics Weekly", DC's first attempt at a weekly comic book. It was an anthology comic somewhat on the model of 2000 AD, several continuing stories each week, with seven page chapters (and a two-page Sunday comics spread for Superman.) There were several interesting projects done during this run--I especially liked the new Secret Six they had. Sadly, sales and logistics reasons meant that the experiment lasted less than a year.

Love that Kirby art, though I think this might have been an inventory piece DC had lying around. 2 1/3 pages from each of the seven-page storiesin Action Comics Weekly #638 (2/7/89), one double-page spread, and a special treat!

Remember relevance? )

Your thoughts, questions and comments?
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So I thought I was done with the Bloodlines/New Bloods posts for a while but I remembered I promised to post some of this Spring Break Special for [livejournal.com profile] werehawk who wanted to see more of Layla. Can't blame him she was pretty fun.

So here's her appearance in the issue.

And this'll be my last Bloodlines and related posts for a while since I'm running out of material rather quickly. Probably hunt for more when I go to another con.

3.5 pages from a 22 page story.

She might not be Lobo but she'll still get the job done... )

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Last part of this event we saw what happened when a Parasite struck Metropolis while it was protected by Steel. This issue we see how Batman fares in Gotham against one.

Time to meet a new Gotham hero, Joe Public!

18 pages from a 56 page story.

The Greed of Gotham )

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As per the lazyreader's request (how do I put a person's name as a link anyway) for some 80's and 90's events I bring you all the first part of the Bloodlines event that ran in 1993.

For those completely unacquainted with the event it basically was a series that ran in every DC annual at the time and introduced one or more new characters in each story these members were called the New Bloods. After running in each annual the series concluded in a two part mini in Bloodbath.

But I'll explain a little more in depth in the issue itself so as to not give away the entire idea of the event and these new characters.

Here in Lobo's annual we meet purple haired spaceship Captain Toronga Layla.

18 pages plus the cover from an over sized 56 page story.

It came from outer space! )

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I was thinking of fulfilling benicio127's request for more scans of Dick as Batman from PRODIGAL, but as I only bought the Two-Face-centric issues for my last post, there wasn't much that seemed worth posting.

For the most part, it's just Dick!Bat doing typical Batman vs. criminals stuff with little in the way of characterization to distinguish him from Bruce. He reads more like a young, less angry Bruce than Dick Grayson. I'd hoped to find the first issue with Croc for any notable moments, but I've lost the issue somewhere in my collection.

That said, I did find two which I hope will suffice for now. The first is from SHADOW OF THE BAT #33, while the other is the storyline's conclusion in ROBIN #13, wherein family matters are hashes out.

Pointy shoulders and family angst behind the cut! )

Suggested tags:

char: batman/bruce wayne
char: batman/dick grayson
char: robin/red robin/tim drake
creator: chuck dixon
creator: alan grant
creator: phil jimenez
creator: bret blevins
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First off, did anyone else notice in the DC Solicits that the MANHUNTER co-feature in STREETS OF GOTHAM is going to be replaced by a TWO-FACE co-feature? It's going to be written by Ivan Brandon, who wrote via Twitter, "I've made two-face's life decidedly worse."

This... could be very, very interesting. Particularly considering that I've been hating the use of Harv in MANHUNTER thus far. But it appears that I may have been too hasty. All in all, very interesting indeed!

Now, back to more Grayson-y goodness!

When Dick upgraded to Batman status like everybody bloody well knew he would in the wake of Bruce's "death," it felt strangely like both the writers and the fans had forgotten that this is actually the second time that he'd donned the cape and cowl. For instance, Winick's five-issue BATMAN run went out of its way to have Dick complain about how he'd never realized just how heavy Bruce's cape was.

The Continuity Cop in me was appalled. "What?! How could these people forget the 1994 multi-Bat-issue crossover storyline 'Prodigal?!'"

And then I actually reread "Prodigal," for the purposes of this post. It's... well, it's not bad, per se, it's just... so very of its era: the time of Chuck Dixon on DETECTIVE COMICS (and ROBIN), Doug Moench on BATMAN, and Alan Grant on SHADOW OF THE BAT. And even though I still consider Dixon the best of the trio, his Two-Face even back then was... well...

... with anger? (ten points if you get that reference)

Even though this came out eight years before ROBIN: YEAR ONE, consider 1994's "Prodigal" to be the official sequel, if that makes any sense. Oh, and the puns get a bit worse from here too (two? Just getting into the spirit of things).

Two-Face and Dick Grayson rematch behind the cut! )
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So, in response to this thread and subsequent posts by [personal profile] benicio127 on Jason Todd and [personal profile] icon_uk on Dick Grayson, I thought I'd add a few scans of Tim Drake for comparison purposes along with a couple more of Jason. I hope they don't mind me butting in.

Ouch, these butt puns are getting worse and worse! :P )

Now co-starring Jubilee )

Now here are some Jason scans. Onyx is also in them.
Read more... )

And just to finish things off (and for the community's enjoyment), here's some Babs as Batgirl )

Hope you enjoyed them! :)

suggested tags - char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: jubilee/jubilation lee, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, char: onyx, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, creator: alan grant, creator: norm breyfogle, creator: steve mitchell, creator: adrienne roy, creator: ron marz, creator: jackson guice, creator: josef rubenstein, creator: lee loughridge, creator: judd winick, creator: paul lee, creator: cam smith, creator: alex sinclair, creator: doug moench, creator: mike manley, series: gratuitous butt shot week


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