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The following was taken from the trade paperback "The Complete Alan Moore Future Shocks". The story was originally published in 200AD Prog 331.

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This should surprise no one who's familiar with my posts in this community, nor, really, anyone who pays attention to my username.

I. Love. The. Joker. Always have, probably always will.

Now, I'm fully aware of the "Batman/the police/some civilian should totally kill this asshole Villain Sue!" sentiment on many corners of the Internet, and I can understand them. Hell, in some ways, I emphasize with them. For the last ten or fifteen years, the man who once proudly called himself the Clown Prince of Crime has been headed down a pretty steep slide into mindless, humorless violence (interspersed with those obnoxious events that shove themselves in our faces and scream "SEE! SEE? THE JOKER IS BATMAN'S #1 VILLAIN AGAIN! HE'S NO LAUGHING MATTER NOW, BABY!"), and if anything, the DCnU and Scott Snyder have only exacerbated it.

And yet... and yet, no matter how low his low points get, they can never quite cancel out the highs. Perhaps those high points will never return, but even if that's so, he's already got plenty under his belt for us to peruse at our leisure.

Besides, I just can't hate a face like this.

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Oct. 12th 1985 is a very special date for me. For one, it's the date of my birth. But it's also the date that Moore and Gibbons' amazing maxi-series Watchmen begins. This October being Villains Being Awesome month, and today my special day, I wanted to showcase the one indisputable point where a controversial "villain" does an amazing bit of presentation and achieves what was for so long in comics a conventional taboo.

Spoilers for Watchmen (why haven't you read it yet?)

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11 pages from 36 page Watchmen #11
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This started as a planned "One Perfect Moment"... well, two actually, but as I went through it I thought "Sod it, this is too cool not to spend more time on".

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"There are... the fictional characters of the present day, and again they're drawn from an even wider variety of media than we were employing in 1969, but this is probably just me and Kevin's take upon it, but you can't help but think that there's a certain degree of... a process of degrading that has kind of gone on, a deterioration.

And I suppose that, in Century as a whole, I mean we're going to be starting off with Bertholt Brecht and the Threepenny Opera which is pretty cool, and then y'know, 1969 we're referencing all these films like Performance and Get Carter which while perhaps not the Threepenny Opera were still pretty good, and in 2009 of course we're referencing the stuff that's around today which doesn't even feel to me like it compares with Get Carter, Performance, or even Villain which wasn't the best film in the world but you know, at least had a performance by Richard Burton and Ian McShane in it that was very watchable.

So I think that might end up being one of the subtexts of Century as a whole, that it will be just this slow degradation of culture, you know sort of in the space of a hundred years."
-- Alan Moore

Here are four pages from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Century: 2009, the final issue of the three-part story...

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A century long conspiracy to bring about the Antichrist comes to a head, and just when it seems all looks lost, an unexpected person comes to the rescue...

Triggerwarning for gore
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