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A 1983 issue of the UK Marvel anthology Daredevils featured an odd back-up story that spoofed Frank Miller's acclaimed run on Daredevil. This throwaway strip would've probably been forgotten...if it weren't written by Alan Moore.

This strip — entitled "Grit!" — was a pitch-perfect mock-up of Miller's gritty depiction of New York City. Artist Mike Collins assiduously emulated Daredevil's style. Moore kept Miller's tone but replaced his prose with a story straight out of Cracked or Mad.

Featuring Dourdevil: The Man Without a Sense of Humor )
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"It was during my conversations with Garth, since I was a delighted convert to his Crossed work, that I was just saying the kind of thoughts that Crossed tended to arouse in me. I was thinking, 'Yeah, so what would happen to the world? Would it be a universally bad thing, the Crossed outbreak?' And actually, you could say that for 99 percent of the species on the planet, no it would be great." - Alan Moore

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Right about now, I'm at exactly the right age to start pursuing all the Classics in comic-book history in hopes that I'll become better at winning arguments with other comic book nerds on the Internet. And when it comes to the Classics, there's only one name for someone as myopic as me: Alan Moore.

Sure, Moore's star has faded for many fans today, but his mastery over dialogue, pacing, and plotting alike still leaves roughly 80% of comic-book creators today in the dust, and I've never read more than a fraction of his work. No time like the present to fix that.

And since I'm an obsessive little bastard, I insist on poring over (almost) every little bit of Mr. Moore's extensive bibliography, starting from the very beginning. I'd originally planned on doing this series in strict chronological order, but I quickly realized that that wouldn't quite work, so I'm doing it by franchise instead - though still in rough chronological order. And because all reading and no discussion makes Lego go crazy, I invite all of you well-read S_D'ers to come read along with me.

We'll be beginning with his five backup strips for Doctor Who, a series that I know and cherish well, as is mandatory of every geek on the Internet. Seriously, it's about a space cop who goes flying around in a phone booth fighting the Borg, right? Right?

Behind the cut: my first real contact with Doctor Who. Thanks, Alan! )
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"I found that actually Crossed was one of the most profoundly moral pieces that I'd read, that it almost became a kind of ethical thought experiment, that it was almost asking, 'Which of your values could you hold onto if something as terrible as this happened? What, of the things that are conventionally thought of as making you human, would remain in such a dreadful situation?' And it's a very haunting thought. And very hauntingly portrayed by not only Garth, but also by Si Spurrier's "Wish You Were Here" arc, which is sensational. It's a very compelling idea..." - Alan Moore

NSFW for overall Crossed-ness. Trigger warning for rape.

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I realize I am probably opening up a huge can of worms by posting this. I am not trying to romanticize or underplay the Comedian's early actions here in any way, shape or form. They are horrible and reprehensible. That being said I did find the relationship between him and Sally Jupiter to be an interesting one, in part because so much of it happens offscreen and is never explained beyond some vague hints.

I imagine that most of you are already familiar with Watchmen so I won't go into too much context as for the rest of the story outside of this.

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I admit that I've only read a fraction of Alan Moore's vast library of work (having just purchased the V for Vendetta TPB yesterday), and pretty much none of his seminal Swamp Thing run. I did, however, stumble on this little scene from Swamp Thing #53, and while it's not romance in the traditional sense... well, I don't think Moore would ever want to celebrate Valentine's Day in a less off-kilter way.

Remember, kids. St. Valentine's beheading is meant to be celebrated by couples of all kinds (except the abusive ones). Don't forget that, lest Moore's beard pull you down into the darkest depths of Hell.

God, I wish Moore had written more of Batman. )
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So posting infamously dark storylines in superhero comics seems to be the in-thing to do these couple days, and what better way than to continue the trend than with the comic that (arguably) started it all? But then I realized that everyone's probably already too bone-tired from picking Identity Crisis apart, so I decided to post the (relatively) funnest part from said comic instead.

(Also, I was originally going to title this "Accentuate the Negative", but then I realized there are some things too distasteful even for me.)

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