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In the third volume of the Borgia series, once again I choose an arresting sequence that demonstrates the finest qualities of Milo Manara's art, his talent for painstaking details and gorgeous designs.

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Also, warning for incest?
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A while ago I posted scans from Milo Manara and Alejandro Jodorowski's Borgia 2; now's time for scans from the first volume:

In part one, one of the most striking events is the death of Pope Innocence VIII, giving Rodrigo Borgia the opportunity to become the new pope, by any foul means necessary.

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Volume three tomorrow.
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Alejandro Jodorowsky and Milo Manara's Borgia is a violent series about Pope Alexander VI's reign of crime and lust. It's a story full of political back-stabbing, violence and sex. The ingredientes for a great comic book. Here's one of my favourite sequences:

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It should be said that Manara is one of the greatest comic book artists of our times. Although he has a preference for porn, he can draw anything he wants - the level of detail in his pencils is always astonishing.


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