Zero #1

Jan. 25th, 2016 07:13 pm
[personal profile] history79

"What if James Bond realized he was conditioned to believe he worked for people who had nothing but good intentions? What happens when you get rid of the conditioning you no longer want?"

- Ales Kot

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Wolf #1

Aug. 24th, 2015 04:45 pm
[personal profile] history79

"I read the original Hellblazer comics with great interest. They inspired me because they were highly entertaining, unafraid of getting dark, and unashamedly political. As a depressed, suicidal teenager, I sometimes identified with John Constantine's depressed, near-suicidal existence. He knew more about the nature of the world than most people around him — and growing up in the highly industrialized and poor corner of the Czech Republic, coming from a family that was falling apart due to decades of damage and lies, in a landscape equally beautiful and poisoned, I felt very much the same. I also liked Constantine's stoicism in the face of danger, and it inspired me to adopt a similar attitude. The ultimate secret of magic, after all, is that anyone can do it."

- Ales Kot

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[personal profile] history79

"We live in an era where Bree Newsome gets jailed for taking down a flag that stands as nothing but a symbol of deep hate. We live in an era where cops kill unarmed black men and women with impunity. We are in an era where we live with the evil done in our names, and in the names of the countries in our passports. I want us to look into a mirror and face ourselves. I want us to say stop to that, and I want us to act accordingly."

- Ales Kot

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[personal profile] history79

"Ferguson‬ is not about race? ‪‎GamerGate‬ is about ethics in game journalism? Elvis still alive, happily copulating with the lizard people?"

- Ales Kot

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