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Remember Teen Titans: Year One, the mini written by Amy Wolfram and with amazing art by Karl Kerschl? Back when DC acknowledged there had been a Teen Titans that included Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Roy Harper, Wally West and Garth of Atlantis?

Over on his Tumblr, Karl Kerschl has just unveiled a set of "lost pages" from the series, which were supposed to run as a two page episodic story in each issue as a future member of the team tries to track down these new Teen Titans, but never quite manages it in time for their paths to intersect.

It's not easy being... well, you can guess the next part... )
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Ressurecting more of the old posts; Teen Titans Year One is definately one of the best of the Year One minis, helped in very great deal by Karl Kerschl's amazing artwork and visual gags.

21 pages of mentor dickery and adorable fish boys. )

(For the mods, that's 7 pages each from the first three issues.)
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