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I had a lot more planned to scan upon my return (hi again, everybody!), but the more I worked on the posts for PRODIGAL, ROBIN: YEAR ONE, or anything else, I realized that I needed to post this here.

Old-School folks will recall that I posted 1990's BATMAN ANNUAL #14, "Eye of the Beholder," to the original scans_daily at least twice. That's because I frickin' love this story. Not only is it one of my all-time favorite comics--BATMAN or otherwise--but it is also just above BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES for being the gold standard on everything related to the character of Harvey Dent.

It's a story that's borrowed/ripped-off from (THE LONG HALLOWEEN, and subsequently THE DARK KNIGHT) as often as it's been ignored (ROBIN: YEAR ONE), but so far, in terms of a sheer character study, I'm firmly believe that it has yet to be surpassed. Because even when it's not ignored, other writers don't quite seem to have a grasp on the complex subtleties that Andrew Helfer imbued to his new post-CRISIS origin of Two-Face. And attempts to develop it further fall hilariously flat too (why hello thar, BATMAN: JEKYLL & HYDE!)

Of course, this is just a 1/3 excerpt of a great entire issue--one well worth tracking down until DC finally wises up and reprints it in some capacity--but I have to say, I'm really pleased with how this edit actually tightens up the story rather effectively. It's much leaner and brutally to the point.

But enough of my yammering. If you've never read this before, you're in for a treat. And if you have, well, hopefully this falls under the beloved old category of "Never Gets Old."

Once more... the definitive Harvey Dent story )

Finally, a question, readers: do you like my commentary interspersed through the scans like this, or would y'all just prefer I leave my essaying until the end in one big chunk? I imagine some people don't care for my blathering on and just want to read the scans, which I understand. At the end of the day, the comics really do speak for themselves, or they should anyway.

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A little scene with Bruce and Alfred, from Batman Annual 14 (Eye of the Beholder). I really hope Bruce has improved upon this habit....

Alfred Greatness Within )


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