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'We had so much fun with Beetle and Booster -- and it was actually a toss up, by the way, as to who was in the refrigerator. It was either going to be Beetle and Booster or Fire and Ice. I couldn't get Fire and Ice out of my head, so since I pretty much hijacked the book and said, "Hey, it's my universe! Go away!" Why not?' - Keith Giffen

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Title: Firebreather: Holmgang #1
Creators: Phil Hester (writing), Andy Kuhn (art)
Availability: On sale now.

So there's a new Firebreather mini out...

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Well I haven't been participating much in the 30 Days of Winter posts school stuff making it hard but I had to make sure to chime in on this day.

Not quite sure if this fits exactly since it's not really comics for LGBTQ readers but it does feature a Gay character so I'll assume it's okay.

Back in 2004 Marvel Team Up had a 25 issue run ending in 2006 just prior to Civil War. Written by Robert Kirkman (of Invincible fame) it had many fun little odd team-ups with the like of say Punisher and Blade "teaming" up and so on. Lots of fun. But my memories of the series will always be of one awesome character who was introduced at the very end of the run in issue 20 his name : Freedom Ring.

He didn't have quite a good end and many readers were outraged at his final fate but without getting into the broohaha that was his end let's see how his story began and the fun the character was.

7 pages from issue 20
5 pages from 21

Each from 22 page stories

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