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A lot of us preferred the old pre-The Killing Joke Joker of the 70s and most of the 80s. Unlike the version since, there was so much variety in the types of stories you could do with him. You could do dark. You could do comedy. You could do dark comedy. It was whatever the writers felt like doing, that day.

Here's a story that was published the same day as The Killing Joke. The Joker has been contracted to kill the JLI. As this is the BWAHAHA era of the Justice League, you can guess how well that's going to go.

A cold, hard look into the terror and violence of insanity. Or something.

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Okay so Beast, and Ozma didn't do so well... let's see if Rose, and Bellflower err Totenkinder, can do better.

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Getting caught up on my pull list, just finished getting caught up on Fables.

When last we left off
, Ozma and Beast separately made plans to revive their super hero personae so that they could take on Bigby who is being controlled by Ms. Douglas. Ozma had determined that Bigby must be slain...

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For the longest time, I'd always thought of Black Mask - especially the 2000s-era take on him - as Hush, but even worse. Hush might have been a huge Villain Sue with artificial competence and a wholly unoriginal composition, but at least he had the grace to leave the Bat-books (temporarily) as soon as Loeb was done with his debut story. Black Mask had all of the above (possible exacerbated by the fact that he was previously an unremarkable C-lister in Batman's rogues gallery) with the added caveat that editorial was in love with him for some reason, so we got him shoved down our throats as TEH MOST BADASS CRIMELORD EVAH for most of Gotham's mid-2000s status quo.

I'm not going to recap the disgusting mess that was "War Games" here - there are plenty of posts on this community devoted to covering that already - but suffice to say, BM got very little love from the female readership, and his fans in the male readership basically amounted to people impressed that he'd killed a Robin.

But then I sat down to Judd Winick's run on Batman, and realized that holy shit, apparently the newbie writer on the block agreed with me.

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Okay time for a break from Spider-Woman... We will see the conclusion of the origin battle soon, but right now I want to share something adorable from Fables... and Super Ozma... cause Super Ozma is awesome.

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"We’ve yet to get to Landing, the Miracle Science City, which comes along in issue four (or is it five?), which is the steampunk era view of what the future must look like." -- Bill Willingham

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'I've enjoyed steampunk — everything except the name. . . . "Steampunk," which I think started as a joke take on cyberpunk and then caught on, is not that. These are gentleman and gentlewoman adventurers in the tradition of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. There's nothing "punk"-ish about it. Unfortunately, after we settled on the title Legenderry: Steampunk Adventure I came up with "Steampulp," which would have been more perfect title, since it encapsulates what we were trying to do.' -- Bill Willingham

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"I tried to argue that relentlessly grim 24/7 dulls the impact of grim, dulls the story, and ultimately dulls the reader. A rule: Darkness sets up the light. Light sets up the darkness. Funny bits set up the dramatic bits and dramatic bits sets up the funny. This always works. But relentless drama is dull and relentless comedy is farce. Both are paths to reader disengagement." -- Bill Willingham

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"There is one joy almost any sort of freelancer can never experience: being off duty. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve taken time off from work – much more than my share, to hear some frustrated editors talk. I’ve taken full days off, full weeks off, gone on vacations, and indulged in all of the various implementia of structured relaxation. But I’ve never been able to do it without guilt. I’ve never once taken time off without feeling guilty about the story I should be working on, the deadline I should be meeting, and so on. . . When a burger flipper goes off duty, he’s truly off duty. His non-working time is entirely his own. That might be the only blessing of such a job, but it’s a real one. I haven’t been truly off duty since my first job, more than forty years ago. I’ve forgotten what it feels like." -- Bill Willingham

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"Legenderry takes many of the main players of the Dynamite universe — including Steve Austin of The Six Million Dollar Man, the classic pulp duo of Green Hornet and Kato, legendary masked adventurer Zorro, Dynamite mainstay Vampirella, beloved Jack Kirby-created superheroes Silver Star and Captain Victory, King Features legends Flash Gordon and The Phantom and finally, the swords-and-sorcery icon Red Sonja — and twists them in a Victorian world..." -- Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci

Some pages from the two issues released so far of Bill Willingham and Sergio Davila's new mini-series...

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My problem with Villains Being Awesome as a theme is that I've posted a lot of my favourite moments in the past (like the Joker's "Victim Go Round" (which has bonus imperilled Teen Wonder) or his incredibly loyal henchman Straight Line, or Riddler's incredibly loyal henchmen or his legendary battle with Impulse and so on...

So here's one I've never posted before, from Bill Willingham's Shadowpact

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"The Unwritten Fables," a five-part The Unwritten story arc in which Tom Taylor meets the cast of Bill Willingham's Fables, begins...

'Let's just say that my wish list of "Fables" characters that I was really, really desperate to write was very large, and thanks to Bill's generosity, I was able to write all or most of them.'

- Mike Carey
12 2/3 pages from the 38-page The Unwritten #50 )


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