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I first got to know the mighty Gene Colan's work in 1982 through his work on a little horror/super-team mashup book of DC's called Night Force. Looking around all week, alls I could find was #8, a two-story issue with the first half devoted to wrapping up the first long story arc, and the second to launching the next. I've picked out the cover and four pages of the second 12-page story for your perusal.

The Night Force was directed from the shadows by mysterious mystical a-hole Baron Winters, from one of those lovely, spooky manses that seem to crop up in Manhattan specifically to meet the needs of dudes like this. We spend the first few pages getting to know criminal scumbag Paul Brooks, on the run from the flatfoots and dropping innocent bodies in his wake. Meanwhile, Sylvia Conrad is explaining to the Baron the nightmare that life in her formerly lovely brownstone apartment has become, ever since the night she saw a falling star...

Beast! )
I love how Colan's people are all ordinary people in this series, of all ages, races and styles, and they all wear street clothes - well, OK, the Baron wears the Gothic A-hole version of street clothes, but still, nary a hard body or a spandex covered ass in sight.
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Detective #567 was written by noted science fiction writer and personality, Harlan Ellison and the end result is.... well, it's fantastic.

It's 12:03 in Gotham City and Batman is starting his nightly patrol, but tonight...

will be a night like no other for Batman )
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In part 1 Tim travelled to Paris to study with the Rahul Lama, met a girl called Ling, and ended up rescuing Clyde Rawlins from Ling's gang, the Ghost Dragons.

four pages from #2, six from #3 )
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Since Tim will be travelling to Hong Kong again in the next issue of Red Robin, I thought it might be nice to post an old story that also took place there. This is from one of Tim's early Robin miniseries, before the title became an ongoing. Although the story ends with Tim preventing an outbreak of bubonic plague in Hong Kong, the first issue is set in France.

five pages from #1, one from #2 )
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I thought I'd share some Batman and Robin animation I had somehow never seen before.

How did this not make it to a full series? )

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So earlier today, [profile] sandoz_izcariot posted this snippet from New Mutants #21 which featured some horribly dated references. Well, Bruce Wayne and Alfred aren't going to let themselves be outdone, so they'll show us how to date your comic in one easy step. )
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As an avid Batman fan, I do think that there are several reasons why the Bat-verse stands so high among readers and is a source for so many great stories, and while the most important reason is up to everyone's own opinion, I think that it is hard to argue that one of the most important reasons isn't the supporting cast, their relationships with each other and the very world they inhabit. They all share a depth and complexity that is unfortunately relatively rare in such abundance in comic books and perhaps even more importantly, they can all be wrong in something. Especially Batman, as he has often been. They are flawed individuals, who just struggle to overcome those flaws and just do the right thing, not always succeeding, and to me makes them so relatable and even more heroic to me.


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