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7 pages from LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, a one-shot by Brian Meltzer and Adam Kubert. It has Deathstroke saying he used his Crazy Juice on Terra, as he used on Rose/Ravager and Cassandra/Batgirl.

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During the 30 Days of Scans, many of us have said Batman's biggest flaw/drawback/etc. is when he's a jerk to other superheroes. Sometimes Batman is a jerk for a reason, sometimes just to be a jerk, sometimes because he's Batman.

So, how about some examples of Batman being a jerk to other superheroes? And if Batman is being a jerk just because he's Batman?

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Tags: publisher: dark horse,title: buffy the vampire slayer,creator: Brad Meltzer,creator: Georges Jeanty,creator: Andy Owens

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Half Minute Horrors is a children's horror anthology collecting very, very short stories (vignettes really, often enough) by various of today's children's authors (and a few authors of adult fiction who somehow got mixed in there).

Most of the works are text pieces, but there are some of the art that is sequential variety, too...

Scared? I'm not scared! Who's scared?? )

creator: neil gaiman, creator: brad meltzer, creator: joyce carol oates, genre: horror
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Has someone been reading Promethea? )

creator: brad meltzer, creator: joss whedon, creator: georges jeanty, publisher: dark horse, title: buffy the vampire slayer
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Newsarama has the teaser panel from Buffy #34. As the threads and ideas in Season 8 come together towards resolution, this is becoming more and more fun. It is so close to feeling like the show.

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I looked through the Lian and Justice League of America tags, and I didn't find this page. This is Roy introducing Lian to his new girlfriend, Hawkgirl. (It comes right after that panel in the Lian megapost the other day, of Cheshire hugging Lian in the prison cell.)

On Duty: Red Arrow. )

As for the fanart, [personal profile] sharpest_asp is doing a Lian Deserves Better ficathon through March. I got nothin' for fic, but the idea for this sketch popped into my head, and after ruminating on the details for a couple days, I did this quickie version. Really quickie - it's the work of about an hour, and the scanner cut it off a bit at the top and bottom, so don't expect Michaelangelo.

Y'all may hate me for this one. )

How 'bout it, guys. Forgiven DC yet?

Tag wrangling - char: hawkgirl/kendra saunders, char: lian harper, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, creator: brad meltzer, creator: ed benes, genre:fanart, group: justice league of america, publisher: dc comics, title: justice league of america

Buffy #33

Mar. 3rd, 2010 01:23 pm
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Three more pages from Buffy #33...

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Am I the only one who likes this artist?

creator: brad meltzer, creator: georges jeanty, publisher: dark horse, title: buffy the vampire slayer


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