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About a year ago I posted some examples of Batman's troubled relationship with the Justice League. With "Tower of Babel" getting posted, here's a page from Brad Meltzer's JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #0.

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For Batman Day, here are some Batman pages. The first group covers some of Bruce Wayne's troubled mind, the second and third deal with his troubled "friendship" with other superheroes.

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With the posting of "The Judas Contract," I am posting "Conversion" the story in DC UNIVERSE: LAST WILL AND TESTIMENT. To some, it is Brad Meltzer and Adam Kubert (with Joe Kubert on inks) wrecking "Judas Contract."

8 pages of a 39 page story. Trigger warning for the word "whore."

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7 pages from LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT, a one-shot by Brian Meltzer and Adam Kubert. It has Deathstroke saying he used his Crazy Juice on Terra, as he used on Rose/Ravager and Cassandra/Batgirl.

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During the 30 Days of Scans, many of us have said Batman's biggest flaw/drawback/etc. is when he's a jerk to other superheroes. Sometimes Batman is a jerk for a reason, sometimes just to be a jerk, sometimes because he's Batman.

So, how about some examples of Batman being a jerk to other superheroes? And if Batman is being a jerk just because he's Batman?

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Tags: publisher: dark horse,title: buffy the vampire slayer,creator: Brad Meltzer,creator: Georges Jeanty,creator: Andy Owens

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Half Minute Horrors is a children's horror anthology collecting very, very short stories (vignettes really, often enough) by various of today's children's authors (and a few authors of adult fiction who somehow got mixed in there).

Most of the works are text pieces, but there are some of the art that is sequential variety, too...

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creator: neil gaiman, creator: brad meltzer, creator: joyce carol oates, genre: horror
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creator: brad meltzer, creator: joss whedon, creator: georges jeanty, publisher: dark horse, title: buffy the vampire slayer


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