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"Given the advantage of 20/20 hindsight, I can't imagine why anyone would ever actually put Aquaman on the team from the get-go, if he knew JLA would last another forty-plus years. Don't get me wrong, I like Artie just fine--but scratch me down on the long, long list of JLA writers whose greatest monthly struggle is giving him SOMETHING TO DO." -- Mark Waid

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"Like Kirby and Morrison before them, Gerard and Webb share a dream of super-heroes with a practical use in reality: to alter our minds so our minds can alter the world."

-Tom Peyer (writer: BATMAN '66, DEADPOOL TEAM-UP, assistant editor: THE SANDMAN, DOOM PATROL)

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BATMAN CHRONICLES #6 were flashback stories. The first was about Ra's al Ghul in the 1500s. The last was about the founding of Gotham City. The middle story was about the "education" of Bruce Wayne.
After the cut, some thoughts about the "education" of Bruce Wayne.

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So, in this last week's Fanart Thursday thread, the issue of "iconic" and what it means in the New 52 came up, and some people were complaining that Barry's new costume was just an altered version of Wally's. And I couldn't help but find this funny.

See, the issue of Barry and Wally having similar-looking costumes (to the point where it can be difficult to distinguish them from each other when their cowls are up) has been raised before...

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Newsarama has just put up a preview of a few DC Retroactive issues. The Flash one caught my eye since it features a flashback to my favorite Flash villain and story arc.

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It's time once again to turn back the clock to the !mpact era. This time around we have The Comet #1:
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Well what do you folks think?

Also there is still time to nominate for the Dailies Awards! Go here and support your favorites!


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