Saga #30

Aug. 10th, 2015 12:24 pm
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"As for death and dying in storytelling, I hate to lose any character, especially one that Fiona has painstakingly designed, but death is one of the few parts of existence that we're all going to intimately experience sooner or later, so it seems childish not to have it as an important part of any lengthy story, especially one about life during wartime." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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"My best friends and happiest relationships have been with Canadians. I thought it would be a good exercise to turn that on its head and force close allies to go at each other." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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"Right now with the United States engaged in war on foreign soil, because Canadians share our language and so much of our culture, it would be interesting to look at them as the occupied and the invaded. We might be able to, as North Americans, identify with them more closely than we would if I had set the story in the Middle East, for example." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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Saga #28

Jul. 20th, 2015 03:13 pm
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"It’s a war comic in the same way I suppose that Casablanca is a war movie. The war is in the background, but it’s about these very deep, personal relationships between people. But regardless, there’s still a war going on and that means people are going to die, and they’re going to die pretty often. It is hard. Harder sometimes for Fiona [Staples], especially, because she puts so much love and care into designing these characters." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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Mystique #1

Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:55 pm
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Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Colorist: StudioF

8 out of 24 pages

From the creator of Saga and Y the Last Man, we have this series! Reading the Wolverines posts here recently got me to thinking about series that Mystique was in. Then I remembered something... she had her own comic at one point! Let's take a look at the first issue.

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Saga #26

May. 19th, 2015 11:34 pm
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"People are always like 'George R.R. Martin or Joss Whedon – these guys are monsters.' But it used to be when people would read fiction, characters would die all the time. I think we’ve grown up in a sort of culture where a lot of our storytelling is controlled by a big corporation – that means we can’t let these characters die, we have to keep them alive. And that’s just a terrible way for fiction to approach things.

"We read this stuff to prepare us for the worst things that are going to happen to us, and death is the worst."
-- Brian K. Vaughan

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Saga #25

Mar. 7th, 2015 07:06 pm
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"I’m writing about things that interest me about my real life and what it’s like to have two young kids now, and to bring them up in a country that’s currently engaged in multiple wars that might not be part of their lives. So I think it’s trying to find ways to talk about all these boring, pedestrian thoughts that are in my head in an engaging fashion by adding in rayguns and space helicopters and what have you." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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"Film and TV is show business, with the emphasis on business, and is about commerce first. Then you can fight through for the art. Whereas comics flips that idea on its head, and we have that luxury just doing what we want to do creatively." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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"I always wanted to create an ongoing comic with the scope of a novel like War and Peace. I can’t promise Saga will be that good, but it will definitely be at least that long. Stories about families usually are." -- Brian K. Vaughan

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Ex Machina is IMO a great series, an interesting combination of superheroics and politics. For the most part I think the series is consistently good... with one exception.

This comes from the second Ex Machina special. I'm only posting two pages from this just in case anyone else wants to post stuff from the series at a later date. FWIW the following isn't a huge spoiler but it does reveal what was a 'cryptic background reference' for the beginning of the series.

Warning for some gore (heck that goes for the rest of the series -- I wouldn't say its up on the level of Garth Ennis, but when it gets gory it gets gory).

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