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Greetings to all! I have returned once again to scans_daily. The night is dark and full of terrors... (I apologize for my absence. Life is hectic)

I have some X-Men solicits, a color poster of Marvel NOW's AvX, and some bonus fanservice (I tagged it NSFW just to be safe). Enjoy!

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one page and 2/3 from today's adjectiveless )

this is a good title right now for those who are into leader!storm.

the team is storm, domino, pixie, psylocke & token dude piotr.
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Anybody who is anybody will be following the announcements for new books coming out at Image soon. Books like Top Cow's Think Tank, a four issue miniseries about a scientific researcher, a third Phonogram series, Tony Harris drawing a 1930's Noir, Gangster, horror story!!, 2 books from Jonathan Hickman, another Jonathan Ross pwoject (this time with Bryan Hitch), the bizarrely controversial BKV return to comics, Saga, and Mara by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle.

The concept of Mara is as follows
The world of MARA is a war-and-fitness obsessed future, where the angst and insecurity of average citizens is compensated with an extreme focus on sports and battle. Mara Prince is a superbly gifted athlete, playing in a women's volleyball league, and is as famous as you can imagine, with endless endorsements, comped everything, and millions of screaming teenage fans. Until one day, during a highly visible match, she starts to manifest superpowers. For a culture that prizes physical achievement, conformity, and fair-minded sportsmanship, this puts Mara's entire world at risk.

On Saturday night, I tweeted Mara by Brian Wood is really interesting until it gets to the word "superhero" I'll still take a look at it when it comes out
Then I got a response from Brian Wood
have you read Demo?
I read the first one, I think, where the girl is having a panic attack in the car. I really enjoyed NY4-5 and Local
Mara is about superpowers like Demo is about superpowers.

So, off I went to get a look at Demo, which seems to be a series of one-shot stories. Comixology only has v.2 on it, and I picked up v2#3, which goes like this )

Got wood?

Jun. 24th, 2011 08:40 pm
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It's been a light week for comics for me and the postie hasn't delivered my Casanova or DMZ yet. Boo to that.

So, here's some clippings from Brian Wood's Public Domain sketchbook )

And from Local #5. You should buy the hardback edition because a) it's totally value for money, b) it's a very good, rich story, c) the art is lovely and d) I'm not sure that I own a book that looks better on my shelf.

Local follows a young woman, Megan, around America and a bit of Canada as she finds herself. Each issue is a different location and a different done in one story, all feeding into the larger arc. Today, we're in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where Megan works at a cinema. )
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I started a series of Minx posts with my snippet of the Re-Gifters and now I'm going to continue with some of New York 4/New York Five. Just as the first Minx book wasn't actually a Minx book, so the last Minx book is also published by Vertigo.

New York Five is the sequel to New York Four and is from the creative team that made the lovely Local (more of which at a future date)

Brian Wood writes and Ryan Kelly draws. Kelly's art is amazing. His figures are good and expressive, but his backgrounds are amazing. I've been told by New Yorkers that you could take a page of NY5, and find it in the city. There's certainly a massive level of detail that I don't remember seeing in pretty much any other book.

NY4 is the story of four freshmen at university in NYC, sharing an apartment in their first semester. NY5 is the story of their second semester.

The girls )
And then a scene of the girls out and about in NYC )
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Greetings True Believers!

One of my current favorite series is Vertigo's Northlanders. It's a great series about characters and events during the Viking Age. Great history, great art and storytelling. Check it out!

This is one of my favorite arcs. It's about the Viking raid on the monastery of Lindisfarne (Which is considered to mark the beginning of the Viking Age.

The story revolves around a young boy who lives near the monastery. Sometimes children dream of running away and joining the circus but others have darker dreams......

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dv8 was the best comic book of the 90s and no one can tell me differently. they haven't appeared since the wildstorm reboot... until now!

here's some pages from dv8: gods and monsters #1 (4 pages out of 21)

suggested tags: title: dv8, publisher: wildstorm

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