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Say the name "Giles" to most Brits over a certain age, and their first reaction will be "The cartoonist?" or more likely "The guy who created Grandma Giles?"

Giles, or to give him his full name Carl Giles, was a cartoonist of the social commentator variety in the UK for over 50 years, most of that time for the Daily Express and Sunday Express newspapers. His style was slightly, almost politely, anarchic and sardonic, and his somewhat Left wing political views were more or less at odds with the decidedly Right Wing Express newspapers.

He developed an enormous fanbase through the country with his seemingly easy-going but always astute observations on society, and his fanbase included people from all classes and all walks of life (The Royal family, regular targets of his work, were enormous fans and asked for the originals of some of his pieces (I like to think of the ones where he's taking the piss out of them, but who knows.)

Samples from many decades )


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