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When Dan Slott introduced the Unspoken in his Mighty Avengers run (you can read the story here and here), he was what TV Tropes called a fallen hero.

Charles Soule brought his character back in the Inhuman title, though his characterization and history bore only a superficial resemblance to the original character. Instead, he was just evil. In my opinion, this made for a much less interesting story.

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"He’s a serial killer who’s also an artist — he feels others’ death is a small price to pay in the pursuit of great works of creation. In a way, that’s similar to Daredevil, who believes that whatever cost he personally pays in the pursuit of justice is worth it." - Charles Soule

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"I’ve always liked the idea that Inhumans occupy sort of an ambiguous spot in the Marvel U. They aren’t straight up superheroes — they have more going on." - Charles Soule

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'The mutants certainly don't want to die, don't want to have something on this Earth that's making them sick. But at the same time the Inhumans are like, you know, "It's not everywhere. It's not like it's in the water or in the air. It's like a discrete thing that hypothetically you could, you know, we can work a way around this, so let's not jump into sort of getting rid of it all across the planet just because it happens to make you sick."' - Charles Soule

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"Liked the idea of someone with an extremely pure motivation (creation of art) who refuses to let conventional morality get in his way." - Charles Soule

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'This story involves the Inhumans doing things that are pretty beyond the pale, and while Beast and the Torch are currently aligned with the Inhumans, they are very much not Inhumans, and there’s a certain element of, “Wait, you guys are doing what now?” I’ll get some really great scenes out of that tension, I think.' - Charles Soule

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