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I found these scans sitting in my LJ scrapbook, so I must have posted it at some point, but I genuinely don't remember doing so...

Perhaps the only X-Files crossover I'd ever post )
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My first (of hopefully a few) 'Villains Being Awesome' post is dedicated to the Governor from The Walking Dead. Here's a fun scene with him that doesn't require much context to understand.

Also warning, a bit of zombie-related gore.

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Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard did a short Walking Dead comic for the Liberty 2012 Annual with proceeds going to help fight censorship. It features everyone's favorite despot, the Governor. Here are the final pages.

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A small warning: the cover could be considered a spoiler for the current arc in that it gives an idea of how things might end up.

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So... are we going to talk about it?

As the story arc comes to a conclusion, as Rick Grimes and crew come face-to-face with a very real and nasty threat.

Oh boy, was THIS painful to go through.

But for thoseof us who follow the book, we all know that it does NOT pull punches, there are no easy outs, and when bad things happen to good people, it's not in a cartoon way, but very very painful.

Fair warning, I've explicitly left out the gore and the blood, but if you DO pick up the book, you've been warned. It's is agony to read and you may need a few minutes not to jump into the book itself and seek berserker justice.

Bring the pain. )


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