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There's a scene during BATTLE OF THE ATOM that I *think* was Bendis creating a hook for later. Maybe. Also, we literally do not see anything to support my theory.

The future Brotherhood, led by Xorn!Jean, wants to send the O5 X-Men back to their correct time. They can't. This is a major plot point in Battle of the Atom, as no one cares what the Original Five want, even though everyone is saying that HAVE to go back.
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This is less than four pages of UNCANNY X-MEN 19.NOW. This issue has Maria Hill show up in the newest former X-Man's apartment. David Bond was kicked out of Cyclops' X-Men for recklessness. He wakes up at his old apartment and...

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After a weak first issue, UXM took a sharp turn for the better. The lattest issue was delightful. Fun, exciting, and a neat improvement on characters voice.

about 4 pages of UXM #3 )
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Talking elsewhere about favorite Emma Frost moments, and the issue of Generation X where Emma injures a small child for great justice often comes up. However, there's another issue of Generation X that includes one of my favorite Emma moments. Generation X #25 was by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo and featured Emma sacrificing herself for the sake of the children. It all seems a long time ago now.

Despite the heroic sacrifice, there's still plenty of discussion to be had about the ethics of Emma's actions, though...

Gen X 25 Preview

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Marvel continues to serve up a fresh hot serving of AWESOME sauce.

The Jean Grey School for Gifted Students continues to shine, as this title focuses more on the kids attending the school than Logan (as it should be).

An excursion for staff and students occurs.
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I'd say the issue keeps up wonderfully the momentum of energy, freshness and fun of the the first two. It also delivers some wonderful interaction between the students of the JG School for Higher Learning. Such as:

Four pages from Wolverine & the X-Men #3 )
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Thank you, Satan Claws, for my early X-mas present!

It's not the still beating heart of the childhood bully from my younger years, but this is close enough!

Two highlights from the title!!!! YAAAYYY!!!!!!

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ComicBookResources has the preview as Day #1 at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning continues.

What else do I have to say? Mayhem ensues. But before that, Logan has a talk with Bobby.

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Well, the new X-men title is here, and of course based on my current favorite person in the world, mayhem ensues.

One page, and one page only, do you need to get an idea as to where this book is headed.

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