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A certain British comic made a milestone event back in December.

Let's take a look at a few pages from the issue!

Tiny sample )

Your thoughts, comments and favorite 2000 AD memories?
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"I think, like everyone else, I had grown out of the X-Men because I was twenty-two years old or whatever when [Morrison's run] came out. I had fallen out of the X-Men when I started getting girlfriends, or went to college. That run definitely brought me back into it. It reminded me how much I loved that stuff. It was everything you loved but cranked up to eleven." - Chris Burnham

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"One of my initial thoughts was having Beast's secondary mutation really amp up his body dysmorphia problems and actually change him into a woman. But there wasn't really room for that -- if we were going to pull something like that off, it would need to be a full story and not just a zany plot point." - Chris Burnham

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"We’ve been dealing with mutants being the oppressed minority for 50 years. It’s great to tell E IS FOR EXTINCTION as the complete opposite: a utopian mutant world." - Chris Burnham

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"[Morrison] doesn’t own the characters but if I thought it was going to piss him off, I would’ve bowed out. He thought it sounded neat. He told me to go for it. He also gave me a couple ideas he thought I should use." - Chris Burnham

Enter the region of Battleworld known as... MUTOPIA.

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From The New York Post (Which actually refers to Morrison's "Lilting Scottish brogue". Good Lord guys, he's GLASWEGIAN... if that's a brogue, what the hell does a full blown accent sound like to these people)

Grant Morrison (quite possibly with an eye to the publicity such comments engender) has commented that "I think people will hate it."

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Everything that's happened leads to this. Check out the full solicitation for Batman Incorporated's final issue, plus a hidden reference to DC's newest Bat-title from a previous issue of Batman, Inc.

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In his typical manner, Morrison sweeps in and shows the other writers just how it's done. All the rest of the 'Requiem' stuff going on in the other Bat-books just seems overwrought and clumsy in comparison.

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has the preview which jumps around a lot.

With one thing in particular that may change how you fans may feel about a certain character.

The caped crusader. )


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