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From The New York Post (Which actually refers to Morrison's "Lilting Scottish brogue". Good Lord guys, he's GLASWEGIAN... if that's a brogue, what the hell does a full blown accent sound like to these people)

Grant Morrison (quite possibly with an eye to the publicity such comments engender) has commented that "I think people will hate it."

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Everything that's happened leads to this. Check out the full solicitation for Batman Incorporated's final issue, plus a hidden reference to DC's newest Bat-title from a previous issue of Batman, Inc.

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In his typical manner, Morrison sweeps in and shows the other writers just how it's done. All the rest of the 'Requiem' stuff going on in the other Bat-books just seems overwrought and clumsy in comparison.

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has the preview which jumps around a lot.

With one thing in particular that may change how you fans may feel about a certain character.

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Newsarama has the preview of #7, and it starts off in a place extremely different (but just as dangerous) as Gotham City. Where it's not the shadows and the claustraphobia of towering spires, but the hazy light and the bleak emptiness that rule.

How will the Batman fare here?

*Fair warning, not for the faint of heart.

In the face of human horror. )
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Chris Burnham wasn't kidding when he said EVERYONE would be appearing in Batman Inc #6. One page under the cut.
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