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The one page back up to Robert Kirkman, Ransom Getty and Benito Cereno's Guardians of the Globe, from Chris Giarusso )

And, from Supergirl 57 check out Bizarro Arsenal's weapon )
But between Octoboss and assorted Bizarros, it was a tough read.
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The time has come to vote in THE DAILIES AWARDS. Step right up and click the cut to see and vote on the candidates.
Voting is now closed. Head over to the Awards post to find out who won!
And the Nominees are...  )

Voting will be open to Monday 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time at which point no new votes will be counted.
This post is made both here and at noscans and votes will be taken from both communities.
We will return Monday 8:00 PM GMT to announce the winners!

For Legality here’s a little Marvel Adventures for you.
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I may not like the story much (in fact I'd already given up on the title by this point), but this was a fun cover. Scott Mcdaniel's art has never looked better (before or since) than when he was drawing Nightwing/

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Newsarama have posted a preview to Chris "Mini-Marvels" Giarrusso TPB collection of G-Man, about Mikey G,  fledgling superhero and otherwise fairly ordinary (up to a point) kid, with annoying big brother, chores and everything.

Click on the link below to be taken to the rather wonderful preview of an awesome comic!


Chris also has a first rate website. Click here for help identifying the characters above.

If you liked min-Marvels, then I think you'll love this.... There's a "Calvin and Hobbes" feel to it (without a stuffed tiger), in Mikey's occasionally weird, occasionally hyper literal view of the world.
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I thought, considering recent days, that it would be a good time to post this single scan from Mini Marvels that I've been meaning to post.

And don't worry, when the universe is raining on you, things'll always turn out for the best. Read more... )

Here, have a link too, for the dial-uppers.


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