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'Eye of the Beholder' from Batman Annual #14 is probably the most important modern Two-Face story ever written. This was the issue that fleshed out Harvey Dent's origins and redefined his characterization as someone who was already struggling with his psyche before the acid hit. A lot of the material here was later used in 'The Long Halloween', the animated series as well as The Dark Knight.

Unfortunately this has yet to be reprinted by DC, either in trade or in digital format. I imagine the latter will happen sooner or later (Comixology is constantly adding old comics to the archive) but DC's treatment of this has always puzzled me.

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"This is not just a detour from the story I'm telling. This is an integral part of it." -- Jason Aaron

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If you're reading Secret Wars, you'll know that the Thors are the police force of Battleworld. They arrest those who break Doom's Law and keep the peace. But that isn't all the the police do.

From Thors #1 comes the most out there crack to hit Doomgard

Thors is filmed on location with the men and women of law enforcement. The suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law )
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Oh my, this IS a tough one, I've been a sucker for team books all my life; the X-Men, the New Mutants, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the JLA, the JSA (Who I mostly knew about through the JLA/JSA crossovers), the All-Star Squadron, Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, the Batman Family (which I knew when it was at the more ... manageable scale of one Batman, one Batgirl, one Robin and then a replacement Robin and a Nightwing... not that I didn't like the additions, but...) and of course, the New Teen Titans. I'd even count the five principle Bronze Saints from Saint Seiya as a team.

All these have been part of my comic reading experience since the age of... well let's not go there, so picking one is like being asked to pick between a boxful of cute, but different puppies. It's almost impossible.

But, whilst I've posted a LOT of New Mutants and New Teen Titans and Batman Family stuff over the years, there was always one team which was THE team... and it might not be one you'd think of, but it holds a special place in my heart.

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Ex Machina is IMO a great series, an interesting combination of superheroics and politics. For the most part I think the series is consistently good... with one exception.

This comes from the second Ex Machina special. I'm only posting two pages from this just in case anyone else wants to post stuff from the series at a later date. FWIW the following isn't a huge spoiler but it does reveal what was a 'cryptic background reference' for the beginning of the series.

Warning for some gore (heck that goes for the rest of the series -- I wouldn't say its up on the level of Garth Ennis, but when it gets gory it gets gory).

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Arrggggh.... I'm doing it again, I can feel myself getting tetchy and irritable and I haven't even started reading my comic stash for this week... and that pisses me off at myself, Lord only knows what it does to others..

So, as is my wont in such cases, I will make a conscious effort to accentuate the positive... and how better to start that than with the comic book equivalent of "Stupid Pet Tricks"?

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Awesome! New Supreme is on the way! Even if Erik Larsen's art is nothing compared to Chris Sprouse and Rick Veitch's, it's still written by Alan Moore! After more than a decade, his run is finally being completed! To celebrate, I'm posting one of my favourite moments from the series.

Supreme and Diana enjoy some quality time at her apartment watching Friends:

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It's hallowe'en, so lots of dressing up and cosplay etc. However, I'd much rather just post some of Ex Machina Special #3
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I need to reread this book. I've forgotten how good it was.
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I had a lot more planned to scan upon my return (hi again, everybody!), but the more I worked on the posts for PRODIGAL, ROBIN: YEAR ONE, or anything else, I realized that I needed to post this here.

Old-School folks will recall that I posted 1990's BATMAN ANNUAL #14, "Eye of the Beholder," to the original scans_daily at least twice. That's because I frickin' love this story. Not only is it one of my all-time favorite comics--BATMAN or otherwise--but it is also just above BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES for being the gold standard on everything related to the character of Harvey Dent.

It's a story that's borrowed/ripped-off from (THE LONG HALLOWEEN, and subsequently THE DARK KNIGHT) as often as it's been ignored (ROBIN: YEAR ONE), but so far, in terms of a sheer character study, I'm firmly believe that it has yet to be surpassed. Because even when it's not ignored, other writers don't quite seem to have a grasp on the complex subtleties that Andrew Helfer imbued to his new post-CRISIS origin of Two-Face. And attempts to develop it further fall hilariously flat too (why hello thar, BATMAN: JEKYLL & HYDE!)

Of course, this is just a 1/3 excerpt of a great entire issue--one well worth tracking down until DC finally wises up and reprints it in some capacity--but I have to say, I'm really pleased with how this edit actually tightens up the story rather effectively. It's much leaner and brutally to the point.

But enough of my yammering. If you've never read this before, you're in for a treat. And if you have, well, hopefully this falls under the beloved old category of "Never Gets Old."

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Finally, a question, readers: do you like my commentary interspersed through the scans like this, or would y'all just prefer I leave my essaying until the end in one big chunk? I imagine some people don't care for my blathering on and just want to read the scans, which I understand. At the end of the day, the comics really do speak for themselves, or they should anyway.

Suggested tags: char: two-face/harvey dent, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: jim gordon, creator: andrew helfer, creator: chris sprouse


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