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"Like I said, there are going to be expectations about what this character will be like, what with that big old "POOL" on the end of her name. She's probably going to be a mercenary. She's going to be expected to be funny -- maybe have that awareness that she's in a comic book. That's what made me come to the idea that she's from a "real world" and has actually read Marvel comics before somehow becoming transported into that universe. And it's like she thinks she's suddenly wound up in "Grand Theft Auto" or something."

- Christopher Hastings

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I've already posted the covers to this issue as Wade puts on the MC Hammer pants and shakes it, but one page in the preview here by ComicBookResources just HAD to be posted, as Wade fights hard to resist temptation.

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Greetings True Believers!

Let's see what everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth is up to during the latest event.

He'll find a way to be...helpful.

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ComicBookResources has another issue of blatant pandering from Marvel, trying to get us to buy into this using Deadpool.

At this point we can consider this publisher a drug dealer, because they are trying to get us hooked on stuf we know is bad for us, but we will do it anyways.

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