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Two pages from R.E.B.E.L.S. 16

As Vril Dox expands his operations once more, some of his allies from the war against Starro begin to have doubts.

But then again...
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There's a threat in the Blackest Night that doesn't wear Nekron's colors; it's Starro and his many varieties of mind control starfish.

With nine galaxies' worth of thralls plus an elite vanguard of willing slaves, Starro the Conqueror now turns his gaze on our chunk of the universe.

So far he's been conquering us pretty good; the Gil'dishpan, the Dominators, Despero, Vril Dox's LEGION, nothing's stood for long against him.

Sure, Vril Dox's countermoves and the Lord of the Unliving's actions have stalled him temporarily..  )
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suggested tags: char: despero, char: vril dox, title: R.E.B.E.L.S., creator: tony bedard, creator: claude st. aubin
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As an avid Batman fan, I do think that there are several reasons why the Bat-verse stands so high among readers and is a source for so many great stories, and while the most important reason is up to everyone's own opinion, I think that it is hard to argue that one of the most important reasons isn't the supporting cast, their relationships with each other and the very world they inhabit. They all share a depth and complexity that is unfortunately relatively rare in such abundance in comic books and perhaps even more importantly, they can all be wrong in something. Especially Batman, as he has often been. They are flawed individuals, who just struggle to overcome those flaws and just do the right thing, not always succeeding, and to me makes them so relatable and even more heroic to me.


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