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"I’m not looking to match early ‘90s storytelling so much as I’m trying to convey who Aquaman was at that time. Also, a year under the dome has had a significant impact. In fact, that’s one of the funnest aspects of this whole event. Not only are you picking up a character from a different point in their life, but the things they’ve seen and done under the dome push them in unpredictable directions." - Tony Bedard

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"We saw Buffy go through high school and college, and now our heroes are coming to grips with adulthood. That point in all our lives when we have to decide what we're going to do, and really come to terms with the fact that we are responsible for the decisions we make, how they affect us and others. No one is holding your hand. You may not be ready, but you have to put on your grownup pants and try to act like an adult, even if you don't feel like one. That happens in our story both in the more universal aspects of jobs, relationships, finding a place to live, etc., but then we give it that Buffy spin by making our characters responsible for The Rules Of Magic." - Christos Gage

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'I also always thought this scenario would be creepy, an alien dropping a powerful weapon on our planet and saying, “Right now you have to protect this place.” That’s weird. I thought that this is basically an alien culture interfering with the native culture for reasons of their own interest.' -- Kieron Gillen

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"On average I would say the Marvel Universe is a science fiction universe. There's magic in it, but at its heart it leans toward science. Even its cosmic stuff leans toward science. There's a difference between The Power Cosmic and magic. Its philosophy leans toward the star children and gods and space mysticism, which is essentially science overstretched, as opposed to magic which is a fundamentally different system. Now if you want to flip that around for a second, magic is a lot more important in the DC Universe in terms of its fundamental character." -- Kieron Gillen

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I initially had reservations about this issue given how poorly executed this series has been under Levitz, but this one actually genuinely surprised me with solid characterisation and a compelling storyline.

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ComicsAlliance has the commentary about a particular
scene in the recent Squad issue.

I know one person who is going to be murdering mad.. maybe two.

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The Dollhouse: Epitaphs one-shot came out this week, and thanks to the joys of insomnia, I'm bringing you four pages from it plus a lovely Phil Noto variant cover.

You may recall I posted a bit of the mini-comic that came in the Dollhouse season 2 box set back here, and it wouldn't hurt you to have another look at that since the first few pages of the one-shot are a repackaging of those scenes. From there we move on to "Two weeks later," and Maggie and Griffin decide they and an older man have to move out from their building and find other survivors. It's bad, and the older man makes the mistake of approaching a fireman for help. The fireman rips his throat out, but shots from a Hummer kill the fireman, and the driver - Zone - rescues Maggie and Griffin.

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So what y'all think? Got potential?
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I picked up the Dollhouse season 2 DVD box set when it came out Tuesday, and it came bundled with a 21-page mini-comic from Dark Horse. I have scanned for you 7 pages plus the cover.

For those of you who didn't watch the show (RIP, Dollhouse), it was a Joss Whedon trip about a secret L.A. facility in which Actives have their consciousnesses wiped, original personalities saved to hard drive, and neurotech genius Topher designs and uploads a new personality for what they call "engagements" - life coaching, super-ninja action, or romance, whatever. When the engagements are over the new persona is wiped, leaving them in a passive "doll" state. We get to know the staff of the L.A. Dollhouse and about a half-dozen Dolls, chief among them Echo (Eliza Dushku) who quickly shows signs of having more going on in the cranium than Dolls are supposed to. This makes her more and more important as the series goes on.

Season 1 was supposed to end with ep 13, a series-capper in case the show wasn't renewed, but Fox declined to air it. "Epitaph One" was included in the s1 DVD set as an extra, and it quickly became a critical favorite, which helped Dollhouse get its second season. A "10 Years Later" flash-forward, it showed a L.A. ravaged by an apocalypse brought about by the Dollhouse tech. Most everyone has been mindwiped by a signal carried through phone waves, leaving them either "dumbshows" (dolls, basically) or "butchers." A few "actuals" are just trying to survive, and we follow a small band of them into what remains of the Dollhouse. There they learn through the chair some of how the apocalypse came about; people start getting killed; one of their band turns out to be not what they appear; and they load up a body with Echo's original personality Caroline to lead them to the cast-led Resistance. In Season 2 the L.A. crew comes to realize this apocalypse could be the inevitable end-point of their actions and work to prevent it; the series ended with "Epitaph Two," a return to the 10-years-later reality, which comes to pass despite their efforts.

The mini-comic is a slice-of-life following several characters through the events of 10:07 a.m., when the Neuropocalypse struck L.A.
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Story by series scribes Jed Whedon and Marissa Tsncharoen, art by Cliff Richards. What'cha think? I'd buy a series following from this - though Dark Horse's work continuing the Buffy and Angel series haven't really wowed me.
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So, what has Tom "Nemesis" Tresser been up to since breaking up with Diana?

Following up from the mind screw series "Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape", he's appearing in "Nemesis: The Imposters", which continues the mind games.

In the first issue, Nemesis was dealing with the apparent reappearance of the conspiracy he became a vigilante to foil in the first place. He wound up having a man who appeared to be the Joker shot and bleeding to death in his car while fleeing Batman.

4 pages of 22 from issue #2 beneath the cut.

Tom's relationship with Diana is still a big part of his life. )

Your thoughts, comments?

Suggested tags
char: batman/dick grayson
char: nemesis/tom tresser
char: wonder woman/diana of themyscria
creator: cliff richards
creator: ivan brandon
publisher: dc comics
title: nemesis the impostors
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Via The Beat: Pop Candy has a sneak preview of the graphic novel adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I must say, even for black and white, the art here looks worlds better than Marvel's adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. I think I'll be picking this one up. The book is due out May 4th.

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Suggested tags: genre: horror, genre: parody


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