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Dr. Ray Palmer, the Atom, is one of DC's more well known characters. He has the power to shrink himself. Not very impressive as far as superheroes go, but in the DCU the Atom is known less for typical superheroics and more for his role as a scientist and an explorer of the unknown.

One recurring theme from his stories is how interesting the world can get on a microscopic level. This was explored in a JLA oneshot written by Dan Curtis Johnson, collected in the Tower of Babel trade.
His mind has a world of its own... )
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Here's three pages from an eight-page short story from JOKER: LAST LAUGH SECRET FILES.
Cameron Chase and Cliff Hansen of the DEO (and the DC series CHASE) are interviewing people who had contact with the Joker to "fill in some gaps." What could possibly go wrong? Not much, as it turns out. Story by Dan Curtis Johnson, art by J.H. Williams III, who wrote and drew the CHASE series.


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Part of DC's positioning in announcing J.H Williams as writer and artist on the new Batwoman book was his work on "Chase" a 10 issue series from 1998 focusing on Cameron Chase. Williams did the art and the "plotting" of the book.
Inside 8 Pages from two issues  )
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once upon a time, Batman realized stemming the tide of crime wasn't a one man fight.

It's never been, really, even for a Batgod- so for a man who's been at the job for 1 1/2 years, it's almost impossible to be effective one hundred percent time.

Criminals like the afro-sporting something-planning Peter Scotta can get lucky, and Batman can't defend himself against that luck. He needs to mitigate that factor with help...

But no one's helping him, because he can't mitigate people's feelings either...  )


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