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"You need to jump on now. This saga is epic. It forever changes the character while being true to the character. It's such a turning point in our characters' lives and history that this adventure will forever be a part of them." -- Dan Slott

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"Whenever we talked to other writers and creators during things like Marvel summits, one of the things that I would be very strict on was, if you wanted to use the Silver Surfer, you need to use him in space, because every time he comes back to Earth, Dawn's home, that's a milestone." -- Dan Slott

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"Tom [Brevoort] had suggested to me as the artist to Dan [Slott], and Dan said -- well, it'll sound self-serving if I say the kind words that he said, but I'd like to say that Dan was excited by the idea of me doing it and told me that it ruined the idea of anybody else taking it on. So of course I found that extremely flattering. I love Dan. I love him as a person -- his life force, his joyfulness, his talent." -- Mike Allred

In the wake of the Beyonders' destruction of all reality in Secret Wars, the Silver Surfer and Dawn are tasked with creating a new universe to replace it...

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