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"He's a character that represents freedom. He's the guy that was the slave. He was chained and now he's free to do whatever he wants. Initially with Silver Surfer stories there was that limitation that he couldn't leave Earth because Galactus had trapped him there. So here he was a former slave, but he was now imprisoned, and the second you break through that barrier you've got the most cosmic hero of all. He's the guy who can go anywhere and everywhere. The whole universe is open to him and there's something very liberating about that. We've all had that feeling in our lives. It's like when you first get the car or when you leave home and now you're your own person and you can do your own thing." - Dan Slott

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"Silver Surfer #11 is the best bit of formal experimentation in a supercomic I've seen lately. Genius." -- Al Ewing

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'Some times comics are like that where you end on a comic and you're like, "Oh my God - he just had his throat slit! No! 'Men of Wrath?' You just scared the crap out of me! I feel uneasy and weird!" With this it's like, "Yay! I feel good now. I had a rollicking adventure! I had a yarn!" That's part of the fun of "Surfer." We're unabashedly joyous.' -- Dan Slott

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This might be me worrying over nothing. My hangup over Spider-Man becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is this...
MCU heroes are not hesitant about killing the bad guys. Will this carry over to MCU Spider-Man?
Trigger warning for superhero morality.

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'We're also hearing from a lot of parents that this is a book they can read with their kids. It's very much a romp. It's a book that takes you by the hand and says, "Let's go on an adventure!" There's no cynicism, teeth gnashing or gritty darkness in Surfer. This is an unapologetically joyous, fun, adventuresome comic.' -- Dan Slott

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'The great thing about the Marvel cosmos is that it's really, really big and there's a lot of room for everybody to go in there and have their take. One guy can be writing a "Star Wars" like book, another guy can be writing a very "Star Trek" like book or a new-style "Battlestar Galactica" like book. And there's plenty of space over here for me and Mike Allred to do this pop art/Brit sci-fi weirdness.' -- Dan Slott

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'The basic element we wanted to "borrow" -- STEAL! -- was giving the Surfer a human companion; someone that grounded him, because for the most part. you look at Surfer and he's this Shakespearean-spouting guy from the top of a bowling trophy.' -- Dan Slott

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