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It used to be so easy, variant covers were shiny foil versions of the normal cover, or had die-cut sections, or sometimes even holograms, and you could just ignore them...

But then come cunning bastard in Marketing came up with the idea of variant covers that readers might actually think were cool, or even worth the having. Case in point

Warning, a LOT of images under the cut, and unrepentently Silver Age-ish (and with thanks for Newsarama for sourcing them all in one place)

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I still hold the Ed Brubaker/Cameron Stewart/Darwyn Cooke Catwoman run as possibly one of the greatest comicbook series DC have ever put out. And since I've not posted anything from their run in a while, I thought that I'd put a bit from the first storyarc.

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Well I've been dreading this. For the obvious reasons as usual. Blah Blah, creator rights, Watchmen is a sacred cow, this does not involve Alan Moore.....and here's some scans from it. I want to keep it as civil as possible so let avoid personal attacks on creators who are doing this and just critique. I will say this if I was given this job...I would have taken it. Sad but if I was given the chance to work on the Minutemen, I would do it. I would have also said if you want please declare it non-canon and just pretend it doesn't exist because you don't like, please don't let my work color your perception of the original. Well that's enough of that, lets look at the first issue.

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