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ComicBookResources has the article as Chip Kidd has been given the chance to do an upcoming Batman graphic novel.

And while I have given up on DCnU, THIS I might pick up.

Shadows and greys. )
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While I think BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES is pretty much the definitive Batman, and its Two-Face to be near-perfect in spirit, I hate the episode "Judgment Day." Y'know, the one with "The Judge."

It's so close to being something brilliant, but I won't spoil why for those who haven't seen the episode (although really, is there anyone here who hasn't? Most everyone here's seen and loved BTAS, right?). I'll go into details behind the cut, as we delve into this story from 1997's BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT #62 and #63, which introduced a new vigilante who specifically targeted Two-Face's men.

Who could he *possibly* be? Alfred, perhaps? )


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