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In case you didn't know already, "the Pizza Dog issue" of Hawkeye (#11) won an Eisner for Best Single Issue(as well as Aja repeating his Best Cover Artist award from 2013).

Hopefully, "the Signing issue", out this week, will be considered during award season next year.

First off, if you're going to buy the book you'll need this )

But, before that, you should realise that it's great )
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Paste: But do you feel constrained by “no killing” rules when you’re writing a character whose only power is a bow and arrow?

Fraction: No, I like it. Comics are too dark. They’re too grim. Dark and grim are fine, but when it’s the standard operating procedure, it bums me out after a while. It’s the challenge of getting back to the Stephen J. Cannell-ness of it all.

-- An interviewer and Matt Fraction

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"I think him not killing is as important to his character as Sabretooth or Wolverine killing people." -- Matt Fraction

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Also, Kate is still awesome. God, they need to make a Young Avengers show, just to how the rest of the world how awesome she is.

Anyway, Hawkeye has proven to be the best thing Marvel has right now, with possible exception to Winter Soldier, Daredevil, and a small handful of other titles. But, the one problem I, and many othes had was Clint sleeping with Cherry, despite him being in a relationship with Jessica Drew at the time.

And in this issue, she apparently confronts him about it.

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And how does Hawkeye celebrate such a day as this?

Well, by getting caught in the middle of a very strange love pentagon between the woman Bendis put him with, the woman Fraction's put him with, the woman Whedon sort of-but not quite hinted he was with, and the woman he used to be with and still has strong feelings for of course!

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I waited far too long to post his preview, but here, Hawkeye celebrates Christmas the old fashioned way: By getting Concussions on his concussions, pretending he’s a character in a side scrolling beat-em-up game, and avoiding getting the finale of Cop Dogs being spoilt.

Previews from here:

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Ever since the end of Children's Crusade, Kate has been away from the super hero community. But apparently not that far since she's hanging out with Clint Barton during his off-hours.

Kate and Clint just hanging out )

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We found out yesterday why the Prince of Orphans was hounding the previous Iron Fist all those years, and why he defected from following the leaders of the Heavenly Cities (because the leaders are lying, sanctimonious jerkasses).

But- what happened to that super-climactic revolution that was going down?

The revolution will not be televised... )

3 pages from Immortal Iron Fist #13, 1 1/4 pages from Immortal Iron Fist #14, 8 of 36 pages from Immortal Weapons #5
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Time again for my seasonal contribution to the community!

As per request of [personal profile] skjam, I'm posting in three parts the interactions between the Iron Fist and the Prince of Orphans from the Brubaker run of The Immortal Iron Fist.

The character is, like many of those introduced during the supreme "The Capital Cities of Heaven" story arc, both awesome and mysterious.

What went down when these supernatural martial artists crossed paths?

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting... )

DISCLAIMER: Violence and bloodshed behind the cut. May be unsuitable for little tykes.

1 2/3 pages from Immortal Iron Fist #8, 1/3 page from #9, 2 pages from #10, 1 page from Iron Fist #11, and a whopping 7 pages from #12.


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