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Don't think anyone's posted anything about this before, so here you go.

So much like the Gwen Stacy covers of June 2015, Marvel is publishing variants which place Mary Jane Watson in the place of various Marvel heroes this June, coinciding with the first issue of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The first announcement can be found here. More covers have since been released, though I don't think they've completed the set. I posted my favorites of the ones I found behind the cut.

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Marcus Cole, Statesman, World War 1 vetran whose lungs were damaged by mustard gas while fighting in the trenches, avatar of Zeus, and the Captain America/Superman of the now defunct game City of Heroes.

When the game introduced more tightly plotted story arcs as end game content, and one of them was called "who will die?" perhaps it should have been obvious that the city's greatest hero need to make way for YOUR hero... I want him back (though he would probably like to stay dead), because it would require the City of Heroes IP to become active again, I'd love the game to come back, but I'd be happy to see the signature heroes adventures in comic form too.

So with that in mind I share an adventure from the comics, the first time Statesman died, and came back.

Scans from issues 2 and 3 of the Second CoH comic )


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