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There was a Batman story where Bruce Wayne was injured and had to be replaced by a Batman in power armor.

Insert "No, the other one" joke here.

Some random Batman and KNIGHTFALL speculation after the cut.

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Posting these because of a discussion earlier about awesome civilians in the DCU.

Let's get started )

4 2/3 pages of one 22-page comic, 2 1/3 pages of another.

Writer: Denny O'Neil
Artist: Guillem March
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This should surprise no one who's familiar with my posts in this community, nor, really, anyone who pays attention to my username.

I. Love. The. Joker. Always have, probably always will.

Now, I'm fully aware of the "Batman/the police/some civilian should totally kill this asshole Villain Sue!" sentiment on many corners of the Internet, and I can understand them. Hell, in some ways, I emphasize with them. For the last ten or fifteen years, the man who once proudly called himself the Clown Prince of Crime has been headed down a pretty steep slide into mindless, humorless violence (interspersed with those obnoxious events that shove themselves in our faces and scream "SEE! SEE? THE JOKER IS BATMAN'S #1 VILLAIN AGAIN! HE'S NO LAUGHING MATTER NOW, BABY!"), and if anything, the DCnU and Scott Snyder have only exacerbated it.

And yet... and yet, no matter how low his low points get, they can never quite cancel out the highs. Perhaps those high points will never return, but even if that's so, he's already got plenty under his belt for us to peruse at our leisure.

Besides, I just can't hate a face like this.

The Best of the J-Man, behind the cut! )
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We've seen the end of the Silver Age Batman in a previous post. But as a wise man who may or may not be a figment of my imagination once said: for every end, there is a beginning. And as DC comics plunged headlong into the 1970s, the first shots of Bronze Age Batman were delivered, loud and clear, with the January 1970 issue of Detective Comics.

It would probably be fair to say that this story broke just as many traditions - if not more - than its predecessor. This, after all, was a Batman story with no Wayne Manor or Batcave, no Alfred or Gordon, no Robin, and no Gotham. It's a straightforward, pulpy little yarn with quite a lot in common with the first Golden Age Batman stories - the dark atmosphere (literally as well as figuratively - it takes place over a single night, after all), the high-stakes clashes, the overtones of mysticism and magic (Silver Age Bat-comics preferred to shy away from such things; even Bat-Mite was explained through sci-fi mumbo-jumbo), and more.

And men who brought this story to us? Oh, just three little nobodies by the names of Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, and Dick Giordano.
Darkness, death, and Batman the (arguable) murderer, all behind the cut! )
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Jean Loring's insanity during Identity Crisis came as a surprise to many; some would even argue it was out of character. What many people don't know is that the seeds were planted all the way back in the Silver Age:

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After Frank Miller finished his first run on Daredevil, Denny O'Neill took over the title. I think it's an interesting and underrated run. Particularly I loved the Micah Synn storyline. It may not be great, but at least it respects the time-honoured tradition of showing another hellish Christmas for Matt.

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Ah, Arkham Asylum. Hospital for the mentally ill, prison for supervillains and the most mainstream HP Lovecraft reference in comicbooks! Now, when people talk about Arkham, it's normally connected in some manner with how Batman is "incompetant" in some way for not stopping the Joker, Killer Croc and company from routinely escaping from the alleged SuperMax facility whenever the mood strikes them.

Well today I've decided to have a look at the numerous ways that, really, it's really the Arkham members of staff who are at fault here, not just Batman not having the time to physically watch his rogues 24/7 to ensure they don't go walk about. Plus Halloween is coming up, and this is kind of good subject matter for the season.

Let's begin!
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Back at the golden old days of 2010, [personal profile] kingrockwell started a delicious series of posts about everyone's (?) favourite faceless vigilante. While reading those posts, I remembered how much I absolutely LOVED the O'Neil days back when I was a wee little lad. So I waited with eager anticipation for each and every post of that series, especially when he started to tackle the 80's incarnation of Vic Sage, a.k.a. The Question.

I don't really know what happened to our good poster, and I'm not sure if he chose to discontinue his series. However, I'll just assume they both took a temporary hiatus and, to keep the love for Vic Sage flowing (nothing personal, Renée!), I'm going to post two issues from the O'Neil run that can kind of stand-alone and will not, I hope, hamper [personal profile] kingrockwell's original idea of making longer posts with overarching themes.

Sorry about the images' layout. Still getting the hang of it )

That wraps up the first issue I wanted to post about O'Neil's The Question. Not one of the strongest, but nevertheless an interesting and intriguing story. That's more than I can say about the next one, in which O'Neil manages to combine my two favourite characters and come out with a disappointing result. I'll try to post it this week.

Meanwhile, give me your thoughts on this one, ok?
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A little late for Mardi Gras, but we were discussing death in comics over at the Noscans group, and it reminded me of the jazz funeral scene in this Batman story:

Batman #224, 1970: "Carnival of the Cursed!"
8 pages worth of panels from a 24-page story.
Warning: Villain uses some ableist slurs.
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From here;

Here are a few samples from a retailer who attended the DC Retail launch on Friday
Confirmation for what a number of us expected it would seem )

And for legality, a reason why working for Two-Face might have it's little perks when you've just rendered Gotham's finest unconscious...

To borrow one of my favourite Xander quotes from Buffy "Hands! Hands in NEW PLACES!"
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All right, let's get straight to it! Vampire!Talia and aliens seemed to be the most popular, and I'm also including Zombie Nazis, because well, they're Zombie Nazis. Can't go too wrong with that.

Intro can be found here or four posts down.

There used to be a grey tower alone on the sea...  )

The Martians are coming! )

They're not just Zombie Nazis, they're Zombie *voodoo* Nazis! )

Epilogue )

And that's that for "DUEL". Thoughts? Comments?
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So I was digging around the comics collection in the house when I found this annual.

It's a collaboration between various groups of artists, showing Batman fighting various foes in different styles, bookended by Jim Aparo.

It begins with Batman trudging through the tundra, dragging a burden... )
With that, which segments would you lot want to see the most? They're as follows:

1. Batman fights demons in Hell (Keith Giffen/Malcolm Jones III)
2. Batman vs. vampire Talia and a dragon (Joe Quesada/Joe Rubinstein)
3. Batman against an alien insectoid invader (Tom Lyle/Ty Templeton)
4. Batman vs. Prohibition era goons (Dan Spiegle)
5. Batman fights zombie Nazis (and Hitler!) (James Blackburn/Micheal Golden)

I'll likely be posting no. 5 by default as it segues right into the ending.


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