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As previously discussed, Commissioner Gordon was not a terribly dynamic character during the pre-Crisis era. Which made the few exceptions all the sweeter.

One of the most notable exceptions was in the pages of 1955's Detective Comics #225. We're waist-deep in the Silver Age here, so it's time for some (relatively) harmless criminals, cheerful, grinning, out-and-out celebrity Batman, and crack aplenty, all wrapped up in some kick-ass Dick Sprang art. Quite frankly, it's a wonder that the Adam West show never adapted this story, or even portions of it - the story's entire concept (if not necessarily the execution) turns the goofiness up to eleven and rips off the knob, creating a tale that's just begging for the satiric touch of Dozier and company.

As it is, though, the story is pretty short - back then, twelve pages was the maximum - and there isn't really room to take the concept to its full potential. But still, it has a slew of good moments.

And what is that concept, you ask?

Let the all-knowing Splash Page guide your way...
Gordon's (short) life in tights, behind the cut! )
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...I feel I can post some Christmas-y images over the next few days (including continuing a tradition on scans_daily thanks to the generosity of a favourite artist of the community, who those of you who have been here for a few years will probably be able to guess)

So to start with a little announcement by way of Dustin Nguyen

You tell em' Tiny Tim!

And for legality

Robin puts those accusations of being a fairy to rest... )
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Buon Giorno, True Believers!

Today I was reading some of mine Batman books and found some hilarious pictures that I want to share with you.

Whatever Happened to the Dynamic Duo? )
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Some of you might know that there's been more than one Two-Face in the Golden Age. Actually, about five or six! You can get the whole scoop at Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed's overview of the many Two-Faces of the Golden Age.

Reading this stories myself, though, I've noticed an amusing trend that carried through (intentionally?) through all GA versions of the character. At least, I find it amusing. Hopefully, this place being this place, I shan't be the only one. :)

The method of escape that all Two-Faces of the Golden Age found hilarious to do )

Note: For those who know (or have just read that article), there's one Golden Age Two-Face I omit from inclusion here: Harvey Apollo, the ham actor Two-Face from the Batman Sunday Comics. But I can exclude him because he wasn't canon in the comics, as the rest of these Two-Faces are. Yeah, that's the ticket.


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