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Written by Duggan (“Deadpool”) and Weaver (“Edge of Spider-Verse”) with cover and pencils by Weaver, this “Infinity Gauntlet” will chronicle the adventures of a young woman named Anwen Bakian, who lives with her dad, sister and grandfather in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, searching for food and hiding from enormous insects.

When Anwen discovers a mysterious stone that potentially holds considerable cosmic power, however, her circumstances change.

4 pages after the cut.

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"This is kind of the opposite of what I did with FANTASTIC FOUR, what I’m doing with AVENGERS. A lot of FANTASTIC FOUR was going back and looking at old runs and seeing what worked and what didn’t work, and taking the good stuff out and reintroducing it. The goal, though, was to make the franchise really relevant again. This isn’t the same thing. The Avengers are more relevant than they’ve ever been at any point in the history of the franchise. It’s stronger now than it has ever been. Going back and looking at a bunch of old stuff, regardless of how fond I am of it—and there’s certainly stuff that I really really like—I think it’s the wrong move to try and revisit old territory. I think that would be a mistake, and so I’ve intentionally gone the other way." - Jonathan Hickman

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The shocking spoilers to #14, as Mister Sinister and his clone army is good and ready for the Phoenix Five from AvX.

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ComicBookResources has the preview of issue #14, as we finally see how one of the villains deals with the arrival of Gatchamen... I mean the Phoenix Five.

Or not...., as we see a perfect society in action.

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SHIELD continues, as the assembled ComicBookResources has the preview. Two behind the cut.

I'm not sure where this is going now, but I'm willing to see this through to the end.

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Giant robots!
Mysterious cities!
Crazy scientists!
Strange technology!

Is this your standard 1930's comic book adventure flair? An old movie serial?

NO, dammit, this... Is..... S.H.I.E.L.D. !!!!!!

Giant robots? Hardly! It's a Celestial!
Crazy scientists to the rescue? Only if you think the greatest minds of the Western world like Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Nikolas Tesla, and *cough* Nathaniel Richards and Howard Stark bringing the hurt are common lab geeks.

I've already posted my near max for this issue, so I saved my last alloted page for one more shot.

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Greetings, loyal readers.

Seeing as how this title has been out for a few weeks and no one has brought it, four pages from the most recent issue.

And the title continues to roll in epic proportions.

*Note: Forgive me, my summary will not do this title justice. You know the writing, you know the art, you know the story to be among the best written in recent years. Skip that morning breakfast and get your hands on this.

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CosmicBookNews has the preview.

Once again, I am happy to be able to say:

'Nuff said.

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SHIELD vol.2 begins next week. It is exciting. The issue opens with the character who was revealed at the end of #6.

I've only looked at this page of the preview and can happily say that it is lovely. It looks different to Vol.1 too.
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In August, I'm picking up 5 books by Architect #5, Jonathan Hickman. The second volume of SHIELD is coming out, along with FF, The Red Wing, Ultimate Ultimates and Ultimate Hawkeye. Since I'm very excited about the return of SHIELD, I thought I'd post up something from #6 that I didn't get around to posting when it came out.

The War of the Immortal City )

And it's coming back.


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