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The Chris Claremont-written miniseries SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN: WHOM GODS DESTROY was an Elseworlds miniseries where Superman first appeared in 1938 and World War II either didn't happen or ended differently, with the Nazi's controlling most of Europe. And Metropolis was nuked in 1963.

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Chris Claremont wrote a 4-part DC Elseworlds story "Superman/Wonder Woman: Whom Gods Destroy." It starts with a simple enough concept: Superman debuted in 1938, hasn't aged, and there are no other superheroes. Claremont added "The Nazis won WWII since America never got involved." In the modern day, the Greek gods are trying to become "involved" in the lives of mortals. It isn't my all-time favorite Elseworlds, due to all the crack mixed with historical tragedies, but it has interesting elements.

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