Hulk #1

Apr. 28th, 2016 06:59 pm
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Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Ed McGuinness
Inker: Dexter Vines
Colorist: Jason Keith

I'm going to take a break from Countdown and focus on a completely different infamous comic... Jeph Loeb's run on Hulk!

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Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Ed McGuinness & Kris Anka
Inkers: Kris Anka, Mark Farmer, Mark Morales, and Jay Leisten
Colorists: Marte Gracia and Marcelo Maiolo

Besides the mini-event The Trial of Jean Grey, there was also another event that was connected to Legendary Star-Lord... and it was Black Vortex. Let's just get into folks...

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Here are scans from Amazing X-Men 5 with light narration, I'm kinda pooped from school and work so thats why its so late (Issue 7 came out 2 weeks ago) so this will be quick.

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This is up at CBR, with extra pages

Who do I mean? Well, there's a clue above the cut, but you'll need to click on the link for confirmation, after all, I might be fibbing.

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ComicBookResources has the preview as the mindless matchups continue.

I gotta chuckle out of this, but I am not spending money out of it. Let me spare you and save you some cash and show you on page from the preview.

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ComicBookResources has the preview as Day #1 at the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning continues.

What else do I have to say? Mayhem ensues. But before that, Logan has a talk with Bobby.

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Not sure if the image below the cut is a new Nova, or what, as the helmet is different than the image I use for my profile pic, which notes rank (8 points being Nova Prime). The current Nova Prime is Richard Rider, or was I guess.

Anyway, Marvel released a cover/teaser pic for their big "Point One" issue from Loeb, McGuinness and lots of other writers and artists that comes out in November.

via Cosmic Book News.

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ComicBookResources has the live interview with Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness about the upcoming Avengers storyline.

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