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They came to us thousands of years ago. Gods. Aliens. Refugees of a fallen civilization.

For centuries they ruled, intermingling with humanity. Creating generation after generation of daemons, faeries, and demigods.

The first generation of heroes and villains.

And then one day, something happened. Something terrible followed our rulers from their lost home world.

The Gods fell, defending the Earth. Their empire crumbled, and only the most remote spark of their seed survived within our species.

And they never told us what it was they were running from.

They never told us what it was that could frighten a god.

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There were no heroes. Not anymore.

Only us.

One by one we would fall to the darkness that had descended upon our world.

It was the end of everything.

And there was nothing we could do to stop it...

...Except pray.

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For decades, our world had been under the rule of one man -- an absent leader who had long since abandoned his responsibilities to the people.

It is said that he had once been a champion of justice; his legend an inspiration of heroes to come.

The very heroes who would step forward to protect the world in his absence.

But the heroes were gone.

And our president could no longer be trusted.

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Things fell apart quickly.

The fear, the panic, the riots...

There was no police force that could handle the wave of chaos and terror that had gripped the world.

The heroes were gone, leaving us behind.

We had trained our entire lives to fight.

But where was the enemy?

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The world was ending.

With the heroes gone, there was no one willing to stand against the coming darkness.

Except us.

We were sidekicks -- adopted, appointed, or recruited; nephews, daughters, cousins.


We weren't ready.

And the world wasn't ready to trust us with the power we had.

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Three months ago.

The universe was in deadly peril. The world's greatest heroes were summoned into space to battle reality's ultimate evil.

Our mentors. Our guardians. Our parents. Our teachers.

They left.

And they didn't come back.

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The other appearance of Wonder Woman this week, Batman The Brave and the Bold #16. Apparently, there are some licensing issues preventing WW from being a guest on the TV show (and its record with female guest stars is a little wonky), but no such restriction applies to the tie-in comic book. And we have the first modern appearance of Egg Head, a villain from the 60s Batman TV show. As it's a new comic, four pages.

Dads nationwide brush up on their Vincent Price imitations to read this issue to their kids )

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Batman/Bruce Wayne
char: Wonder Woman/Diana of Themyscria
creator: Eric Jones
creator: Eric Lervold
creator: Landry Q. Walker
publisher: DC Comics
title: Batman the Brave and the Bold
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For fellow sci-fi geeks (in London, Toronto or Sydney, sorry the New York and LA events are already fully booked) who are excited by the notion of TRON - Legacy later in the year, you might want to try for a ticket to an event this coming Saturday.

Details are here

I'm guessing it's for an IMAX trailer (possibly in 3D) or something similar.

The legality image is from the Tron 2.0 comic preview.

tags: title: tron, publisher: slg publishing, creator: landry walker, creator: eric jones, creator: louie de martinis

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I just realised we didn't have a post for the last issue , this must be rectified (its been months!). A paperback will be available in December, its up for pre-order on Amazon now.


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