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"That was a conversation in the room. Something that was absolutely talked about was should [the Fantastic Four] die? I had absolutely zero interest in telling that story. Because it runs completely contrary to everything that I feel about that franchise and everything that I feel about those characters." - Jonathan Hickman

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With the Deadpool movie coming out on Friday, I thought I'd post one of my favorite Deadpool moments. And it doesn't involve him being all that funny or crazy. It is from UNCANNY X-FORCE #5, and shows that Wade Wilson has something resembling a conscience.

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"I absolutely believe that people are looking for immersive content. The deep dive.

"So, to take something current for example, when the first issue of Secret Wars came out, there was a ton of chatter about how it wasn't accessible and it was the wrong way to start an event and people would 'tune out' -- and when the second issue came out, that it should have been the first issue because it was more accessible. Which is fine, but I disagreed because I wanted to convert the casual reader of one story into invested readers of the much bigger thing I had been doing.

"This has turned out to be correct as digital and trade sales of my earlier Avengers books have spiked as a result." - Jonathan Hickman

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"One thing I learned about myself at the latest Marvel retreat, I pretty much only want to write villains." - Jonathan Hickman

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"The Canadian elections are like a Jonathan Hickman comic. An endless sea of people with cool names, no personalities, and I just don't care." - Jonathan Hickman

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"It is worth noting that in the absence of Reed Richards Doom has placed himself in the role of Reed in terms of family. I think that is a key to understanding who Doom really is." - Jonathan Hickman

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I really wanted to post this page when the issue came out but I figured it would be posted in the main one. It hasn't, so here it is.

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"If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'direct market' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see sad face Moebius. If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'decompression' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see me burning money." - Jonathan Hickman

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"There's a tendency for people to complain about crossovers that come out of nowhere, but this is something that Jonathan Hickman has been working towards ever since Marvel NOW! It's like a hundred issues of comics, plus stuff from other books and stuff that's been foreshadowed all over the place. This is a really beautiful and intricately planned event. It's something you could only really do in a shared universe like this. I understand people who are worried about it shaking up other books, but this is a very cool thing to try to do. Plus, I've read the scripts and they're good! [Laughs] It's really Jonathan Hickman doing a major Marvel event. It's very much him, playing on an enormous stage." - Kieron Gillen

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'My original chapter title for Secret Wars #1 was, "The Perfect Jumping Off Point." I was outvoted.' - Jonathan Hickman

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In Ultimate Ultimates #7, it looks like the Children of Tomorrow aren't the only threat. Xorn and Zorn are returning, and we might end up with an Ultimate Celestial/Ultimate Eternal war, with the Ultimate Runaways caught up as well.
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CosmicBookNews has the preview of issue #7, as the Terminator, I mean Deathlok's from the future come in looking for The World, the Project X time bubble/pocket dimension that birthed Fantomex. No words, just art on the preview.

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