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"It is worth noting that in the absence of Reed Richards Doom has placed himself in the role of Reed in terms of family. I think that is a key to understanding who Doom really is." - Jonathan Hickman

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I really wanted to post this page when the issue came out but I figured it would be posted in the main one. It hasn't, so here it is.

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"If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'direct market' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see sad face Moebius. If you face a mirror, turn the lights off, say 'decompression' three times, and then turn the lights back on you'll see me burning money." - Jonathan Hickman

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"There's a tendency for people to complain about crossovers that come out of nowhere, but this is something that Jonathan Hickman has been working towards ever since Marvel NOW! It's like a hundred issues of comics, plus stuff from other books and stuff that's been foreshadowed all over the place. This is a really beautiful and intricately planned event. It's something you could only really do in a shared universe like this. I understand people who are worried about it shaking up other books, but this is a very cool thing to try to do. Plus, I've read the scripts and they're good! [Laughs] It's really Jonathan Hickman doing a major Marvel event. It's very much him, playing on an enormous stage." - Kieron Gillen

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'My original chapter title for Secret Wars #1 was, "The Perfect Jumping Off Point." I was outvoted.' - Jonathan Hickman

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In Ultimate Ultimates #7, it looks like the Children of Tomorrow aren't the only threat. Xorn and Zorn are returning, and we might end up with an Ultimate Celestial/Ultimate Eternal war, with the Ultimate Runaways caught up as well.
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CosmicBookNews has the preview of issue #7, as the Terminator, I mean Deathlok's from the future come in looking for The World, the Project X time bubble/pocket dimension that birthed Fantomex. No words, just art on the preview.

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Marvel has announced another new Thor mini-series "Astonishing Thor" written by Robert Rodi and drawn by Mike Choi with covers by Esad Ribic. The cover and article under the cut.

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Silver Surfer: Requiem was a 2007 "What If?" style miniseries by JMS and Esad Ribic, in which the Surfer discovers he'is dying and sets about putting his affairs in order. I cannot recommend the full issue or entire series enough, whether or not you're a Silver Surfer fan.

In the second issue, Surfer is coming to terms with his death and mulling over one last good deed he might do for his adopted home of Earth before he goes back to Zenn-La to die. After running into Spider-Man, he asks him for his perspective as a human (telling him only that he's leaving Earth for good, not that he's dying). Spider-Man tries to brainstorm, but he can't think of any single deed that will have the kind of lasting beneficial impact Surfer is looking for, due to all of the political and economic factors, and the nature of human society itself. Stumped, he ends up in a discussion with Surfer about the way Surfer perceives the universe, and Surfer offers to give Spidey a temporary boost of the power cosmic and let him find out what it's like for himself. Spider-Man declines, but asks, "[W]ould you mind letting someone else experience this?"

"That would depend on who this someone else is." (7 pages tragically abbreviated from 23.) )

One perfect moment for the Silver Surfer's endless compassion; one perfect moment for Peter Parker's integrity and insight; one perfect moment for Mary Jane Watson, his inspiration.
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Re-posting this from the last One Perfect Moment Week. 1 page from Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic's Loki mini-series from 2004.

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More fabulous art of Kurt Wagner's fabulous ass. It's been posted before, I think, but it's a goodun. (Like there's such a thing as a BAD Nightcrawler booty shot.)

If someone remembers which comic this cover art was done for, let me know, and I'll add it to the tags list. I'm afraid it's gone clear out of my head.

Suggested tags: char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: nightcrawler/kurt wagner, series: gratuitous butt shot week, creator: esad ribic, title: wolverine, in-joke: never gets old (EDIT: new tags added! Thanks, [personal profile] roily_rogue!)
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I see that no one has posted a One Perfect Moment for the Silvery Scion of Zenn-La -- the Sentinel of the Spaceways himself -- that being the divine Silver Surfer.

I am here to remedy this tragic oversight.

I'm going to actually go out on a limb here and say that the Perfect Moments contained in this post are going to have the most beautiful art and writing of any Perfect Moments posted this week. Oh yeah, I went there.

So, the first scans that this post contains, in one seven-page sequence, not one but THREE Perfect Moments for the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man, and MJ.

These first scans come from Silver Surfer: Requiem, that being an out of continuity miniseries that was scribed by J. Michael Straczynski in 2006. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful things ever to appear in the medium of superhero comics; Esad Ribic did the luscious yet simultaneously subdued and highly evocative art, and it perfectly complemented the tragedy of this story. In fact, my understanding is that Ribic painted each and every panel.

I warn you: this story is sad and extraordinarily beautiful. JMS obviously has a huge love for Surfer, and it shows. I don't know anyone who has read SS: Requiem who didn't wind up literally sobbing their eyes out by the end.

Fans of the Spider marriage take note: in retrospect, I have to wonder if JMS knew that Marvel editorial was on their way to ending the Spider marriage when JMS wrote this Surfer mini, because in the context of OMD, the scene I'm posting here reads like a big affirmation of Peter and MJ's marriage and a "f**k you" to the group of people at Marvel that ended it.

Herein are Three Perfect Moments: a One Perfect Moment for the Silver Surfer, a One Perfect Moment for Peter, and a One Perfect Moment for MJ. Actually, let's add another one: it's a One Perfect Moment for Peter and MJ's marriage, too.

Context: Norrin Radd is dying. In this scene, while he's saying his good-byes to Earth before he returns to Zenn-La for his final days, he runs into Peter, and they have a talk.

Norrin wants to give a gift to Earth before he leaves.

And so he does. Oh, boy, he does.

That is what it means to be the Silver Surfer.

But no One Perfect Moment Post is complete without showing one of the most important figures in Norrin's history, that being of course the Ravager of Worlds.

These next scans are from Annihilation: Silver Surfer. One of the few things that the previous iteration of Scans Daily seemed to universally agree upon was that Marvel's Annihilation crossover was absolutely superbly executed in terms of art, writing, continuity, plot, and pacing.

The Annihilation: Silver Surfer miniseries contained what is perhaps the very best scene between Surfer and Galactus that I've ever read.

Context: shit is hitting the fan all over the universe to the point that Galactus is worried. Norrin finds Galactus to ask for his help (!!!), and the following exchange occurs. It culminates in a page of pure distilled AWESOME.

...Yeah, that is freakin' iconic and flat out the essence of what makes both Galactus and Surfer such great characters. Like the above scans from SS: Requiem, it's a perfect alchemy of art and writing.

As if that last page weren't enough, you want to know what happens next? This.

Beat THAT, Scans Daily!

The first set of scans are from Silver Surfer: Requiem #2 with JMS on writing duties and Esad Ribic on art. The second set of scans are from Annihilation: Silver Surfer #3 with Keith Giffen writing and Renato Arlem handling the art.
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7 pages from Silver Surfer: Requiem #4 "Requiem Part Four: Agnus Dei" by JMS and Esad Ribic. Kali's recent post inspired me to repost this.


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