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Jeff Parker's done a great job of separating the workable elements of the "Future Quest" component series from their parodies. A lot of that is done by jettisoning some of the characters who became the silliest. That's why Falcon 7/Phil Ken Sebben has a vastly reduced presence and Birdman's and Space Ghost's villains have been almost entirely absent apart from the more generic F.E.A.R. organization. (It's also why they didn't use Sealab 2020--there's no way anyone could take those characters seriously after Sealab 2021.)

But still, in this week's Future Quest #11, we do get a quick cameo from a character I'd been waiting to see since the start of the series...

And as a bonus, it's not really a spoiler since it's just conjecture )
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The best of the two depends on the circumstances.

Those circumstances can depend on whom the thing's being done for.

They can depend on the mood of that person.

That can be estimated, correctly or not. )
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Story-wise, there's no reason for it to be.

Art-wise, there is- the first part's not drawn by the regular team.

The division between it and the second feels natural; they're two wholes that make one.

The first opened with a title page like a pre-opening credits scene.

It's a neatly compressed scene. )
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Man, I hope DC doesn't waste this Hanna Barbera world-building kick they're on - this could end up being another Bombshells! Not to mention the literal universe's worth of adaptable ideas for a Wave 2: anything from Samurai Jack to Sealab 2021...

Or at least Ultimate Comics: Jabberjaw. While I type a 5-arc proposal for that, Future Quest draws its first three behind the cut:
And together they're going to learn the true meaning of Christmas )
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"Hal is the most fun character to write in the DC Universe and I say this as the guy who writes Dick Grayson ... Hal is a pilot and every test pilot has a god complex. He already thinks he's a god, he's just missing the powers." -- Tom King

Read more... )
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"I'm not entirely sure why interest in S.H.I.E.L.D. ebbs and flows, though I'm not sure that's not true of anything from Hawkeye to Moon Knight, either. I do think that flat-out espionage without at least the tiniest dash of superheroics is a hard sell to a Marvel audience--but while we will have plenty of guest-stars (PLEN-T), it'll always be a S.H.I.E.L.D. book all the way." -- Mark Waid

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'Out of the box” is the fun place to go. Ms. Marvel teaming with Simmons. Spider-Man teamed with—go Google him!—Mr. Rasputin. Sue Richards, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m still trying to crack the Howard the Duck/Rocket Raccoon mission, but I’ll get there as God is my witness.' -- Mark Waid

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I may object to the concept, but darn it if the first issues of the Convergence titles have been a whole heap of fun, like visiting old friends in their comfortable familiar homes, though knowing that those familiar homes might well be bulldozed the following day/issue.

Shazam is a case in point, with great writing from Jeff Parker (writer on Batman '66) and sublime art from Evan "Doc" Shaner.

With one magic word! )
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My love for the genius that was Jim Henson is fairly well known here I think.

So for Archaia Entertainment to have out, almost simultaneously, two different hardcover publications based on his work (and another to come in the shape of a Labyrinth novella) is a source of unparalleled joy (Well, pretty much unparalleled, within limits y'know) so I want to share these with you all!

First up

The Dark Crystal - Creation Myths )
And then

The Storyteller )
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Have you seen Comictwart? It's where a selection of comics artists give themselves a theme to draw for the week and then draw it. It's not as much fun as Hey Oscar Wilde, it's clobbering time!, but it's still pretty good.  )

And for super-legality, Fear Itself artwork )


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