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X-Men029's YMMV entry on the X-Men inspired this posting. The villain is Shinobi Shaw, one of the early 1990s X-Men villains who rarely fought the X-Men.

The Shaw Boy )
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He came just after Peter and Mary Jane'd married.

He struck his first blow after Spider-Man swung home.

Pete was telling MJ about something Aunt May said she'd done..

Something a little risqué. )
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X-FORCE #4 was done in 1991 and takes place in the World Trade Center, which has been taken over by Black Tom Cassidy. How awkward.

Anyway, a confrontation between Cable and Black Tom Cassidy shows that Cable had a certain reputation during the 1990s that "bled over" to other characters.

He wouldn't! He would. )
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"From New Warriors to X-Force to Robin, I have always enjoyed writing teens who are on the cusp of adulthood. Their angst, arrogance and insecurities are great fodder for character conflict. Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett created a wonderful mix in Kon-El. Cockiness and loneliness, courage and fear, the character was unlikeable and lovable at the same time." - Fabian Nicieza

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"I knew those characters would pose a great threat to the JLA Detroit characters. I loved the fact that our heroes weren't going to be fighting villains, they'd be fighting heroes who were thrown into a desperate situation just like they had." - Fabian Nicieza

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