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The treatment of Superboy by Superman has been the cause of some disquiet amongst fans.

So leave it to the fans to come up with a creative alternative;

Since Superman won't interact with Suprboy perhaps another member of the JLA should, and who SHOULD have a Titan representative, but doesn't?

It almost makes you... Wonder )

Plus news on the YJ cartoon from as close to a horse's mouth as we have )
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Firstly, a happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! (To those of the non-Christian persuasion, or no persuasion at all... a happy Sunday in any event!)

In the earlier posts, we've seen an unhappy incident cause chromatic chaos in our kiddie cohort. (Somewhere, Stan Lee just broke into a smile, though he may not know why)

But like any Batclan member, Robin has a plan! )
And for no reason at all, from the pre-credits sequence of the latest "Batman: Brave and the Bold"

Some barely dressed... or dressed barely... Dynamic Duo )


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