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From out of a battleship in the Persian Gulf he came, to answer it.

Up into the skies he rose in his ship.

Down out of the clouds he came on his way.

The sight of what he'd come to fight greeted him. )
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Propaganda has gotten a bad name. Something’s called “propaganda” only when the reader disagrees with it. If they agree, it’s called “relevant.”

An artist expressing a point of view? Whatever the medium, whatever the story’s intent, that’s propaganda, and it’s “relevant.”
” - Frank Miller

Warning for violence, some racism most likely, and terrorism.

Let's political folks...

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For Miller, Holy Terror is a profoundly political effort that has brewed in his mind since the terror attacks on New York and the Pentagon in 2001. The graphic novel “is a reminder that we’re in the midst of a long war” and “the enemy that we’re up against is pernicious, deceptive and merciless and wants nothing less than total destruction.”” - From an article from Wired that quotes Frank Miller

Warning for language and racism.

Oh crap, looks like things are going to get ugly... uglier from here on out. Time to change my usual icon as we venture forth back in the next part of our extended look at Holy Terror.

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I hope it shakes people up. I’m not around to mollify. We’re living in a terrifying time and it’s changed us. Look, my decision to make this not a Batman project was part of that. Do I really want to draw a guy chasing the Riddler around town? No. The stakes are higher now.” - Frank Miller

Since The Dark Knight Returns Part 3 is coming later this year, let's take a look at the last series that Miller was involved in...

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