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The plot reveal of FURY #1 reminds me of WHAT IF (vol 1) #4, where an evil android wanted to create a replacement of a Massachusetts state senator. Fortunately, a Captain America was there to stop him. Not *the* Captain America.

A new Captain America vs Adam II )
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So when I was posting Snake-eyes comics before I can't believe I failed to include these two issues...

In this post: Scarlet meets Snake-eyes for the first time, Storm Shadow address the accusation that he is to blame for the Hard Master's Death, the real killer's motive, and the birth of Cobra.

Also meet Mrs. Cobra Commander

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Writer John Stanley is best known for two things: his longtime run on Little Lulu and his authorship of the Dell horror comics Tales from the Tomb (one-shot giant, 1962) and Ghost Stories #1 (Sept-Nov 1962). Some have called the latter two the scariest comic books ever published. Are they? You be the judge, over the next few posts o' mine. To start with, here's the Tales from the Tomb lead story. Art by Frank Springer. This comic is in the public domain (scans courtesy of

Oh dear! Just look at those stains! )
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I just found my copy of "The Shadow Strikes!" #7, March 1990, which is a tribute to another Shadow incarnation, the radio show.

Eight pages of twenty-four of the lead story, one page of three of the backup feature.

Criminals are a cowardly, superstitious lot )

Your thoughts and comments?

Remember, the weed of crime bears bitter fruit! The Shadow knows!
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[personal profile] halloweenjack asked about the early black and white story featuring Bobbi Morse in her pre-Mockingbird days. She'd already appeared in a couple of issues of Astonishing Tales by the time this was printed.

This story was in Marvel Super Action #1 and reprinted in the recent Avengers: Hawkeye hardcover collection. Bobbi Morse was known as the Huntress here. The artwork and format reminds me of those British black & white magazines I've seen.

According to the title page the story was written by Mike Friedrich and art by George Evans.

The story is 20 pages, so I've included the first five pages or so.

Marvel's Huntress )

suggested tags: publisher: marvel; char: mockingbird/bobbi morse
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So it's gratuitous butt shots we're wanting, eh? I turn here to three panels from "Dazzler The Movie" for bringing sexy back:

What, you were expecting something more fanservice-y? Well then... )

There's more fanservice where that came from, but these are the best butt-specific bits. :D

tag-o-rama! char: dazzler/alison blaire, creator: frank springer, creator: Jim Shooter creator: vince colletta, publisher: dc comics, series: gratuitous butt shot week, title: dazzler the movie
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Yikes what an intro ! This just shows how an artist can grow in a short period of time. This story began in Marvel Chillers #11. Byrne finishes it in Marvel Team up just a year later.

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