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It opened on the one to be hung at home.

It showed us his family life.

Then it used that to hint at his work life.

The contrast was very obvious. )
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Look what I found on Twitter!

It seems the Daredevil Netflix series will borrow a bit from DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, which has made its way into Daredevil continuity.

Carl vs. Jack )
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Inspired by a couple of recent postings, I thought it was time we saw the Glorious History of Starsmores vs Vampires.

Apocalypse vs Dracula #1: 5 pages
Apocalypse vs Dracula #2: 6 1/4 pages
Apocalypse vs Dracula #3: 5 3/4 pages
Apocalypse vs Dracula #4: 7 pages

suggested tags: creator: frank tieri, creator: clayton henry, char: jack starsmore, char: fredrick slade, char: hamilton slade, char: apocalypse/en sabar nur, char: ozymandias, character: dracula, publisher: marvel

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Greetings True Believers! Here are two scenes from Deadpool #21 and Breaking Into Comics the Marvel Way #2.

I thought after the last couple of posts, we could use some Wade-Happy.


Suggested tags: char: deadpool/wade wilson, char: spider-man/peter parker, group: fantastic four, title: deadpool, publisher: marvel comics, creator: daniel way, creator: carlo barberi, creator: frank tieri, creator: matteo scalera

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Since the theme today seems to be Wilson Fisk in the shower, I thought I would post a page from CIVIL WAR: WAR CRIMES. The issue was a one-shot to fill time while waiting for Mark Millar and Steve McNiven to finish the final two issues.

Wow. Sound effects. )
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In Punisher #16-17, Ennis did a story where Punisher eviscerated and humiliated a caricature of Wolverine. How did Wolverine writer Frank Tieri respond?

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Frank Tieri is an underrated writer, and underrated "continuity pornographer." Dan Slott is best known for continuity porn these days, since Keith Busiek's focusing on ASTRO CITY the fast few years. But Tieri can bring the continuity porn as well, as he did in WEAPON X and EXCALIBUR.

Now he brings the continuity for us to slobber over again in LETHAL LEGION #2. A lawyer named Livingston is visiting a group super-villains in the Raft to get the full story on an attempted kidnapping. And the attempted kidnapping victim was Norman Osborn. In this issue, Livingston talks to Wonder Man (!) and the Absorbing Man.

Joaquin Phoenix and Jack Murdock are mentioned. )
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If I have a perfect moment, this one be one of them. One of those air punching moments and a "oh hells yes!" It's not anything personal against Warren, a character I rather like, but that this moment seemed a perfect response to Chuck Austen's particular direction in personal relationships and a rebuttal to the whole "X-men as family" ethos, which stopped being true some time in the early nineties. Or maybe it's just the art that makes this so... satisfying.


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