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...There was "Action Comics Weekly", DC's first attempt at a weekly comic book. It was an anthology comic somewhat on the model of 2000 AD, several continuing stories each week, with seven page chapters (and a two-page Sunday comics spread for Superman.) There were several interesting projects done during this run--I especially liked the new Secret Six they had. Sadly, sales and logistics reasons meant that the experiment lasted less than a year.

Love that Kirby art, though I think this might have been an inventory piece DC had lying around. 2 1/3 pages from each of the seven-page storiesin Action Comics Weekly #638 (2/7/89), one double-page spread, and a special treat!

Remember relevance? )

Your thoughts, questions and comments?
( --see my fiftieth birthday approaching!)
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As promised, the Awesome Arach-Kid features in this evening's post. Mixing the abilities of Spider-Man with the impish charm of Superboy gives us...

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How about a little Blue Devil v. Trickster to get this party rockin'? Say, 7 of 23 pages from Blue Devil #8, Jan. 85, with Keith Giffen on guest pencils?

So, Dan Cassidy has convinced Trickster to stand up to The Organization which has marked him for death, and he and Sharon are driving Jesse cross-country to a safe haven, when suddenly it's life as a Looney Tunes cartoon:

I'm already up to my earring in this! )
The idea of a mobile bank in transit just reminded me too much of s_d to pass up, gang.


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