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AKA, what Mai got up to after dumping Zuko in the Promise...

Since this WAS a free comic... that does mean I can post all of it, right? Will cut down if necessary.
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A brief bit, which makes more sense within the context of the story and character development during the animated series.Enormous spoilers )
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Buzzfeed have been given a preview of the next part in the Airbender sequel, though the thing itself doesn't come out until April.

Not the entire preview, here, just a few pages.
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2 Out of 80 Pages: Spoilers

Due to the page limit apparently applying to graphic novels as well as individual issues, my review's been massively cut down. Here's the abridged version.
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Here with some more images courtesy of Publisher's Weekly Panel Mania column.

Prime Baby is by Gene Yang, who you probably know for the Eisner-winning American Born Chinese.

In Prime Baby, Thaddeus (the main character, who has some rather disturbing views on women for an 8-year-old) makes a surprising discovery about his little sister, Maddie.

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