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It's been confirmed over on Newsarama, amongst other places, that Zatanna is getting a new look for her forthcoming appearance in the Justice League title, and in honour of that, I thought I'd post a sample of some of her past outfits, because she's had quite an assortment over the years, and as Freddy Mercury said...

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This year I attended the second London Super Comic Convention, and had a LOT of fun.

There were some great panels (Though I only attended the "Batman through the Ages" one, which had Brian Bolland, Gary Frank, David Finch and Neal Adams on the panel (and included the unforgettable moment of Neal Adams testing the microphone by singing "Over at the Frankenstein Place" to the room, and did it well too!) and some absolutely terrific cosplayers (The Rule 63 Deadshot was excellent, the Jack of Hearts was spectacular, the G'nort was... unforgettable, and the two little lads of colour (One was black, the other was, I think, Indian), who can't have been more than five or six, as Young Justice Nightwing and Captain America and who were wandering around hand in hand (Their dad's were with them I hasten to add), were among the most preciously adorable things I've seen in a long time (and I mean that in an absolutely wholesome sense)

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I initially had reservations about this issue given how poorly executed this series has been under Levitz, but this one actually genuinely surprised me with solid characterisation and a compelling storyline.

So why do we fall, Bruce? Errrr...ummm...Helena? )
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Normally team books are easier to trim that solo books, since there's more likely to be sub-plots you can trim out. Alas for me, not in this case, because in this issue, only two Teen Titans appear, two of the originals, and a long standing plot point is wrapped up 20 years or so after it started.

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This is actually a tough theme for me, not because I don't love such moments, (And not because of my penchant for tied up heroes) but rather the opposite, I love the slushy stuff and have posted a LOT of it, but that's just it, I've already posted them...

Whether it's another Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or a Bruce and Dick moment, or Doug and Warlock being adorable, or AvX or Alfred being awesome... well, you see what I mean... I could also cite the entirety of Calvin and Hobbes, or a lot of Asterix, and they might be coming, but a recent post on tumblr reminded me of THIS scene.

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In the last OPM week, I posted a couple of Moments dealing with Dick Grayson giving up being Robin (The first iteration of that event, not the one retconned in later when Jason 2.0 was introduced.)

We had Dick telling the Titans and then Dick telling Bruce and Jason

There was a third moment I always meant to post, but never got around to, so will correct that before this OPM is over.

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I apologise for the scans being of shitty quality, I screencapped them from my iPhone.

I actually liked this issue much better than the last, and as usual, the flashback story is more interesting than the present one.

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This is from one of the cooler extras in the JLA/Avengers hardcover collection.

Apparently, Kurt Busiek's original plot to issue 3 had to be heavily altered. Originally, it was going to depict what each of the two universes would be like if it had been made by the other company's creative staff. So we'd see a DC Universe by way of 60s era Lee, Kirby, Ditko, et al, full of violent emotions and soap opera elements. And vise versa, we'd see a Marvel Universe in the style of Silver Age DC, with imaginary cities and kooky sci-fi. Superman feels guilt over the destruction of Krypton, Captain America is a US Senator and operates out of Capitol City, etc.

Unfortunately (in my opinion), the editor on the DC side of the project ended up nixing this part of the story, but the hardcover includes Busiek's original typed-up plot.

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I've posted from Common Grounds before (check the tags), it's one of my favourite series. Like one of my other favourite series "Astro City", it's a series of slices of life in a world with superbeings, but looking at the bits BETWEEN the slugfests.

Each story has a different guest artist... in this case, George Perez which, as you might imagine, is another reason to get hold of a copy to read the whole thing .

The last time I posted, we were visited by the writer himself, which was fun.

This is another story, as a hero reflects on his...

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In the past, I've mentioned that the Flash's "Rogues Gallery", only really became the bunch of... if not exactly friends, then vaguely companionable allies, in a retcon when Wally became the Flash.

However, I do love the concept of criminals not all being monstrous, antisocial loners, and of course, this being comics, someone else did it earlier.

And better yet, the group I have in mind debuted in a story featuring not only Ben Grimm, the ever lovin' Thing, but one of my favourite C-list superheroes (here depicted in chibi mode by the redoubtable Katie Cook)


Marvel Two In One - An unappreciated title )

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After an exhaustingly long day (for me that is), I now bring you the introduction of Kara's new gal pal and roommate in the form of....

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AVENGERS (vol 3) #12: Vision and Wanda talk some things over before and after the big Thunderbolts team up against a giant alien robot (called Dominex.) Note the pretty Perez artwork.

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Following a major comic event, several origins in the DCU were retold, except not just retold, but completely rebooted. Wonder Woman and Superman were starting from scratch, though Batman's history would only be slightly revamped, and Green Lantern's hardly at all.

But it's not 2011, the year was 1987, and in this case, the title was "Wonder Woman".

Trigger warning for misogyny, violence against women and rape (though that latter is not seen, it's so heavily implied as to be worth mentioning)

Perez art under the cut (What? You need more of a reason?) )


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