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A long ago posting, and a favourite of mine, to add to the Anniversary celebrations.

A sample of the "Dick Grayson (and therefor Robin) goes back to the circus" stories that DC used to love so much... And I know I did too.

I know that when he was in the Titans Dick got used to be carried through the air by Starfire, but honestly....

It's a purely fun blast from the past from DC Comics Presents #31, written by Gerry Conway and drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez with inks from Dick Giordano (Always a killer combination for classic DC characters) - Where Superman hoists an elephant, Robin ends up in a cage and Jimmy and Lois show why Clark really IS the brains of the Daily Planet's star trio.

A few of the scans aren't the greatest quality because it's an old, old comic now!

Giddy up Superman! )
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With the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD, and news of the sequel due out in 2014, let's take a look back at what might be the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or at least its sequel.)

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What with many of us getting misty-eyed over the loss of the Superman-Lois Lane marriage, I thought I'd present a story that many of you (especially the young'uns) might never have seen.

Back in the day, Superman was so popular that not only did he have two titles (three if you count Superboy) but his girlfriend Lois Lane and pal Jimmy Olsen had their own spotlight series as well. Eventually, however, sales on these ancillary titles dropped enough that DC decided to merge them along with some other characters into one big book entitled "Superman Family."

It kept the numbering of "Jimmy Olsen" , and eventually reached #200. As a celebration of this milestone, the magazine had an extra-long imaginary story, depicting the future marriage anniversary of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

I've tried to stick as closely as possible to the 1/3rd rule, so extreme choppiness ahead.

In the far-distant future of 2000 AD, forty-year old women wear hot pants unironically. )

Next time, more public domain!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Now, I did consider posting a couple of pages of Batman inc. to empahsis just how much I didn't enjoy it (Especially the Bruce/Damian interactions), but as I've said before, I don't want to be that sort of a person on s_d (though I'll particiapte in such debates) so it's time for another "Accentuate the positive" posting...

And this is something I promised [personal profile] thehefner I would dig out ages and ages ago.

So, from 1982, comes....

The wonderfully titled 'The Diabolical Doctor Death' )
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Firestorm's first comic book series kind of turned into a limited series when one of the periodic industry downturns hit DC and they had to axe a bunch of titles. But the concept and design of the character were pretty cool, so it was decided to give the character another shot.

To start "pushing" the character, the folks at DC decided to have him guest star with Superman in "DC Comics Presents", the "Superman teams up with people" book.

Five and two-thirds pages from DC Comics Presents #17 "The Ice Slaves of Killer Frost!"

I need fire, to melt the frozen heart within me )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Bonjour again, Ladies and Gentlemen!

As I promised last week, today you get another dosage of the saga of the Gentleman Ghost and you are going to get a nice treat in this session. Ever wondered what would happen if the world's greatest detective faced the world's greatest thief on a match of wits and resources? Well, today's session will deal with such scenario by pitting the Gentleman Ghost against Batman. Witness in amazement as the Cadaverous Cavalier of Crime confronts the Dark Knight on a series of battles that would make them sworn enemies. The actors are ready and the stage has been set. It's Showtime!

Ghosts and Bats )
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So far this weekend, I've made a post which looked at the public reaction to superheroes in the MU which has had some fascinating discussions arising out of it, and a post from Micronauts in which m'learned friend [personal profile] whitesycamoreraised some intriguing points of the treatment of those perceived as "other" in fiction.

This time though, I'm not going for the deep or the meaningful, I'm going straight to cute guys tied up...

Now I don't know how many of you have siblings, I have more than one myself, and I love them all, but one of the things about siblings is that we argue... A LOT... usually over unimportant stuff that we forget about by the next day but we argue, we squabble, we "debate heatedly". It's sometimes fun, often cathartic, and, on mercifully rare occasions (in my experience), destructive.

So one of the things that always irked me a little about the Hardy Boys was that they NEVER seemed to argue. They were always in agreement, always on the same page. Even when steps were taken to differentiate between the personalities of the brothers (Joe being impulsive and intuitive, Frank analytical and logical) they were always in perfect sync with each other that it sort of set my teeth on edge.

Gerry Conway took over writing the Hardy Boys graphic novels from Scott Lobdell as of the last issue, and one of the first things he did was change that...

Sometimes all it takes is a poik in the wrong place....

Bonding? No. Bondage? Hell yes! )
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In AMAZING SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #23 from 1989, there was a "take" on Spider-Man's AMAZING FANTASY #15 origin with a near panel-for-panel adaptation by Mark Bagley. Gerry Conway wrote the story, called "My Science Project" that included an essay from Peter in the captions.

This is one of the (few?) times that Peter says he became a performer to pay back Ben and May for taking care of him.
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A comment on a thread further down the page raised a particularly happy memory of reading Batman growing up. I won't interrupt it with my usual asides, because it doesn't need any. Read it like I did, and enjoy! :)

In the words of a former British PM - Education! Education! Education! )
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Welcome one and all to day sixteen of [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter celebration, today's topic is Science Heroes!
Superhero comics, having their origins in science fiction, delve into this this archetype often. Some heroes primarily, or at least frequently, use their own scientific capabilities in their adventures, while there may be others still who utilize a science they may not fully understand.

An example of what can happen when you mix science and superheroes under the cut! )

So, who're your favorite science heroes?
And stay tuned tomorrow, when we'll be discussing Pre-Golden Age Comics!
You can see our full 30 Days of Winter schedule here. Make sure you don't miss a day!
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Now it's getting real... strike a pose Batman!

So, it's been a fun ride hasn't it? From Dick meeting his new girlfriend, to becoming her tied up boytoy, to luring Bruce to share his fate, and finally Batman dealing with the horror of his new condition, but we're into the home stretch here...

Dating the Undead (finale) )
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Before I start this part of the posting, superb news! The first ever Gene Colan Batman collection has just been announced for next year.

Click here for details. HELL TO THE YES!

And to keep us going with the post... we start with an out context image... which actually doesn't improve much WITH context.

"Indeed Master Bruce, that's why Master Dick left in the first place isn't it?"

Dating the undead Pt4 )
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Earlier posts here and here dealt more with the delightfully kinky relationship between Dick and his revealed-to-be-a-vampire-paramour Dala, and her quite admirable fetish for tying him up and gagging him whilst he's in his Robin costume. Now we're moving more into the larger, more Bat-centric art, it's still pretty awesome though, and remains uncollected.

Dating the Undead Pt3 )


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