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In the previous issue, we were introduced to the new Red Guardian, Arthur Nagan was an asshole, Chondu got a makeover, and Valkyrie got arrested.

So now it's time for the final chapter of the Nighthawk's Brain saga, The Defenders #36.

Five pages of seventeen, and an ad.

A Garden of Earthly Demise )

Your thoughts and comments, especially as this is the end of the post series?

Next time--something that isn't Seventies Marvel.
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In the previous issue, Nebulon unveiled his plan to help humanity through Celestial Mind Control, which manages to be even skeevier than it sounds. Valkyrie voiced her objections to strip-searching, and Chondu demonstrated that being in the body of a fawn doesn;t make him harmless.

So, five pages from seventeen of "The Defenders" #35, plus a Hostess ad.

Arthur Nagan is an asshole. )

Next time: The conclusion of the Nighthawk's Brain plotline.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Some pages from MARVEL PREMIERE #1 after the cut, which featured the naming of Adam Warlock, and what I'd like to see if they use Adam Warlock in the Marvel Cinema-verse.

And men shall call him... )
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With the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD, and news of the sequel due out in 2014, let's take a look back at what might be the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or at least its sequel.)

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After the medical crime-fighter, but before that one's turn as Doctor Death and change to scientific adventurism, there was another of the same name.

"Say your prayers!" he hissed to Ant-Man and the Wasp on the cover of Marvel Feature #10. "You tangled once too often with DOCTOR NEMESIS!"

Exactly once it was at the time; they'd come across him in his trailer home/lab, thanks to a series of circumstances involving Spider-Man, the thickly accented drug lord M'sieu Tete, the introspective robot Para-Man, and Whirlwind as chauffeur.

Despite his Pymtech derivatives and kitty-aided capture of the two, he was defeated in short enough order, outdone at both size-changing and fisticuffs.

Until nine years later, that is, when his catchy name and convenient nature let him turn up in Micronauts #42.. )
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In my last post, I asked if anyone was interested in seeing more stories from Batgirl: The Greatest Stories Ever Told. Someone asked for The Orchid Crusher, which happens to be the next story in the book after Barbara's debut. The next two, actually. It seems to have been a two-part backup story in Detective Comics in early 1970. Part Two is entitled "The Hollow Man."

Other stories in the book )

As before, all scans are available on flickr if you want to take a closer look at anything.

5 2/3 pages out of 17 )
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Welcome one and all to day sixteen of [community profile] scans_daily's 30 Days of Winter celebration, today's topic is Science Heroes!
Superhero comics, having their origins in science fiction, delve into this this archetype often. Some heroes primarily, or at least frequently, use their own scientific capabilities in their adventures, while there may be others still who utilize a science they may not fully understand.

An example of what can happen when you mix science and superheroes under the cut! )

So, who're your favorite science heroes?
And stay tuned tomorrow, when we'll be discussing Pre-Golden Age Comics!
You can see our full 30 Days of Winter schedule here. Make sure you don't miss a day!
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Greetings all! Reading through some old issues of Conan the Barbarian, Spider-Man and Batman pencilled by Gil Kane, I've picked up a trend in his artwork, and I'd like to share it with you guys to get an idea of how well-known this trend is.

Now, what is that trend? The long and short of it is this:

This particular shot, drawn from a low angle and highlighting the bottom of people's noses.

More nasal fun, under the cut )

DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against Gil Kane and his art (I wouldn't have put effort into scanning and cropping these if I really disliked it), just intrigued by the prevalence of this particular shot and focus on the nose in general.
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As mentioned in my previous post, Action Comics #544 was the 45th Anniversary of Superman special, and to celebrate, DC revamped two of Superman's classic villains. While the Lex Luthor story was one of the great Luthor stories, the revamp portion was mostly "new costume and the same but more of his motivation." Brainiac's revamp was rather more drastic, as we'll see. Seven pages of twenty-three, and since this was a three-part story, two more posts will be forthcoming in the next week or so.

I Sing the Body Electric )
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One of the many problems in writing a long-running superhero comic is the matter of recurring villains. Naturally, the writer wants to use favorite villains (both hers and the fans' favorites) repeatedly, but overusing those characters will result in boredom and a loss of interest in those very same characters. One solution that's used fairly often is the "revamp." Give the villain a new costume, a power upgrade, fiddle with their origin or motivations or in extremis kill off the current version and replace them with a slightly more contemporary but otherwise similar character.

For Action Comics #544, June 1983, Superman's 45th anniversary issue, DC decided to revamp not one, but two classic villains. This post will cover the Luthor story (9 pages of 28), and perhaps later I'll get to Brainiac.

Luthor Unleashed! )

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Lex Luthor
char: Superman/Clark Kent
creator: Cary Bates
creator: Curt Swan
creator: Dick Giordano
creator: Gil Kane
creator: Murphy Anderson
publisher: DC Comics
title: Action Comics
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To keep you going until the other side of the cut just speculate on what THIS might be all about when bad guys line up against the Teen Wonder...

This is written by Mike W Barr in 1983, in "old school" mode, which means it's a story with a beginning a middle and an end, "done in one", with no need for angst or ghastly foreshadowing. It's also pencilled by Curt "I probably drew Superman more often professionally than anyone else in HISTORY" Swan so drink it up, it's some goooood stuff!
Also starring the Ductile Detective! )
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When Carmine Infantino was put in charge of revitalising the look of the sales-depressed Batman titles in 1964, he essentially redesigned the Bat-verse; the oval around the bat-symbol being the most obvious change on Batman, but from this communities POV the biggest change was that Dick Grayson was FINALLY allowed to age a little, from the perennially, pointy-banged 13 year old, to a young man of 15 or 16... And that necessitated a new look for him...

Recently, when browsing e-bay I came across a page of Carmine Infantino original art (alas, way outside my price range) and on the back was a positive plethora of Gryaon-iana, a host of doodles that Mr Infantino had done, obviously to help himself get a handle on what young Mr Grayson would look like.

The extremely emotive eyebrows are much in evidence (Very much an Infantino trademark), the still somewhat pixie-ish face that Dick has, and a variety of possible hairstyles too. Note that the one with the left hand parting (third from the right at the top) would become his default hairstyle when he went off to college.

Fun isn't it? :)

But(t) there's more! :) )
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My next post for Spider-Marriage Week is a page that actually takes place long before they were married--or even a couple--but is nevertheless the first significant turning point in the Peter/Mary Jane relationship. And it gets me every time.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And believe me, I wouldn't want to spoil your fun )
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Halloween week (true cime)

From Journey into Mystery #2

Art by the great Gil Kane.
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