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Halloween's around the corner so I figured I might post some EC stories. For my convenience and because I think it shows off the artists' work better some of the scans will come from the black and white archives.

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Here's another Ray Bradbury story that EC adapted. For those who don't know, the story of their partnership is pretty interesting; it originally started with EC ripping off his stories without Bradbury's permission. Bradbury sent them the following letter.

“Just a note to remind you of an oversight. You have not as yet sent on the check for $50.00 to cover the use of secondary rights on my two stories ‘The Rocket Man’ and ‘Kaleidoscope.’ . . . I feel this was probably overlooked in the general confusion of office work, and look forward to your payment in the near future.”

EC complied and after this Bradbury lent his stories for authorized adaptations of his work.

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Something different for this one. Comixology is having an EC sale until 11 tonight (EST) for some Fantagraphic collections of various EC comics in black and white to better show off the artist's work. You can access the page here.

Here's a sampling of a story from Graham Ingels, originally published in Haunt of Fear #17.

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This is a repost of an older entry here from a little over two years ago which I figured might be good for Halloween.

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Oct. 20th, 2012 09:22 pm
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This is a repost of an entry of mine from two years ago but I figured it might be worth checking out again given the upcoming holiday.

I'm also open to any requests if there are any EC stories that people would want to see.

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From 1955, a bit of a rarity; a docucomic drawn by Graham Ingels. From one of EC's last sputters before the Comics Code.


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