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I currently have a massive write-up of Knightfall sitting in my hard drive right now, but I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it before today is over. So, the short version...

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I don't have the time or resources to make an exhaustive post about all my faves (which would probably take a series of six or seven posts), so I'll just take this time to blather on about the first guy that comes to mind: a certain Mr. Nolan who has created some of my favorite Batman-

Chris Nolan

Wait, who the hell invited you? Hit the road!

The first and best Nolan in the Bat-Business. Accept no substitutes. )
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This should surprise no one who's familiar with my posts in this community, nor, really, anyone who pays attention to my username.

I. Love. The. Joker. Always have, probably always will.

Now, I'm fully aware of the "Batman/the police/some civilian should totally kill this asshole Villain Sue!" sentiment on many corners of the Internet, and I can understand them. Hell, in some ways, I emphasize with them. For the last ten or fifteen years, the man who once proudly called himself the Clown Prince of Crime has been headed down a pretty steep slide into mindless, humorless violence (interspersed with those obnoxious events that shove themselves in our faces and scream "SEE! SEE? THE JOKER IS BATMAN'S #1 VILLAIN AGAIN! HE'S NO LAUGHING MATTER NOW, BABY!"), and if anything, the DCnU and Scott Snyder have only exacerbated it.

And yet... and yet, no matter how low his low points get, they can never quite cancel out the highs. Perhaps those high points will never return, but even if that's so, he's already got plenty under his belt for us to peruse at our leisure.

Besides, I just can't hate a face like this.

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'Everybody's got a human story, even a guy in a wolf mask and a tuxedo with a machine gun. That's what we do in "Astro City."' -- Kurt Busiek

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Yeah. I had a bunch more "Villains Being Awesome" moments to post, but there are so, so few days of October left. Ergo, I decided to lump several of them into one post!

As a last-ditch effort to establish some kind of connecting theme beyond "Batman villains", I chose the three villains featured in what popular opinion has deemed the worst Batman film to date, Batman & Robin. If anyone deserves to have their awesomeness trumpeted and the reputations that that movie gave them destroyed, it's these three. And I say that as a guy who's usually apathetic (at best) to two of them.

Behind the cut: What Ahnold, Uma, and Swenson should have been! )
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From Detective Comics #662. Some of the Riddler's goons are robbing the post office without the Riddler:

Plus there was that episode of The Simpsons.
"Hello. My name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me."
"Okay, Mr. Burns. What's your first name?"
"...I don't know!"
Also, a character in the issue is named Dr. Simpson Flanders.

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Many years ago I read an ad for a Superman story with the tagline: 'Before the name, before the cape, there was just a man, searching for the truth.' and was greatly intrigued. I later read the actual story, Superman: The Odyssey, written by Chuck DIxon and Graham Nolan, which explores the period when Clark was traveling around the world prior to settling in Metropolis. It's collected as a TPB, in case any of you find it as touching as I did.

(BTW the TPB I have is 52 pages, so this many scans should be fine. Nevertheless a warning to those with dial-up net connections)

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First off, did anyone else notice in the DC Solicits that the MANHUNTER co-feature in STREETS OF GOTHAM is going to be replaced by a TWO-FACE co-feature? It's going to be written by Ivan Brandon, who wrote via Twitter, "I've made two-face's life decidedly worse."

This... could be very, very interesting. Particularly considering that I've been hating the use of Harv in MANHUNTER thus far. But it appears that I may have been too hasty. All in all, very interesting indeed!

Now, back to more Grayson-y goodness!

When Dick upgraded to Batman status like everybody bloody well knew he would in the wake of Bruce's "death," it felt strangely like both the writers and the fans had forgotten that this is actually the second time that he'd donned the cape and cowl. For instance, Winick's five-issue BATMAN run went out of its way to have Dick complain about how he'd never realized just how heavy Bruce's cape was.

The Continuity Cop in me was appalled. "What?! How could these people forget the 1994 multi-Bat-issue crossover storyline 'Prodigal?!'"

And then I actually reread "Prodigal," for the purposes of this post. It's... well, it's not bad, per se, it's just... so very of its era: the time of Chuck Dixon on DETECTIVE COMICS (and ROBIN), Doug Moench on BATMAN, and Alan Grant on SHADOW OF THE BAT. And even though I still consider Dixon the best of the trio, his Two-Face even back then was... well...

... with anger? (ten points if you get that reference)

Even though this came out eight years before ROBIN: YEAR ONE, consider 1994's "Prodigal" to be the official sequel, if that makes any sense. Oh, and the puns get a bit worse from here too (two? Just getting into the spirit of things).

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We continue through the holiday times with a look at a few lonely Christmases, including an odd case of Lois and Clark each in separate stories, both working to defuse suicide attempts.

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2, DCU Holiday Bash #'s 1 and 3 )

Tomorrow: We've seen him learn about Hanukkah, now Kyle has to learn the true meaning of Christmas with the help of his buddy Connor, who doesn't even celebrate it! Also, his other buddy Wally has to learn a similar lesson when trying to find a gift for his wife!
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BATMAN CHRONICLES #8 does their own take on the robot T-Rex in the Batcave, with this short story about Batman fighting robot dinosaurs and robot cavemen for sentimental reasons.

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Inspired by a recent back-and-forth I had with fellow Johnny Go aka “thehefner” on LJ, I've decided to take a trip down memory lane and embarrass myself in the process. For the first time and quite possibly for the last, I'm posting some of the comic book samples I created in hopes of becoming a professional cartoonist well over a decade ago. Just thinking about the process makes me cringe but in retrospect, these crude examples yield amusing results.

This is uncommon fare for s_d, but I thought it’d be amusing at the very least. Chalk it up to decade old fan art. Tons of scans of the source material behind the cut.

Batman, Preacher & Daredevil… butchered! )


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